After they go past the gate, Nina and Emre will discover a huge underground irrigation cistern. Go right to where the surveyor is working and use pocket knife on the rockslide sign right by the rubble. Hint to this puzzle are symbols of animals around the square but only these anomalous (Nina comments on that).
According to Emre's suggestions, you have to move both characters alternatively to get to the square center and Nina should make first step. Remember about switching between characters (icons of their heads at the top of the screen). The man will inform Nina, that he can't reach the hole in the rock and give her an elevator key because it is too high. Go to the parking lot and notice the loose chain symbolically separating it from the excavation site, hanging between two posts (right from cars).

According to his request, stand on the slab placed opposite (diagonally) to the one he stands on. Take closer look at animals and you'll learn that (starting from Emre and going to the left): grasshopper has 8 legs (normally there are 6), boar has 5 legs and lizard 6, ibis has 3 wings, ox is missing one horn and tiger has 2 tails. After each correct step you can hear a characteristic sound of moving gate - when you make a mistake, Nina will return to het slab on the edge and you have to start all over.
Slabs in the square will be revealed, as well as drawings on its edge, which were covered so far. Welcome to the where our team of contributors will help you work through the game via a step-by-step tutorial.
The dream couple Max and Nina have announced their forthcoming wedding.but at the beginning of Videos Cheats It should be the drives fans further into the dangerous world of Nina and Max as they set out to solve the latest mystery of an unforgettable new adventure. It seemed to have everything, including sometimes very difficult tasks and puzzles (I thought that trying to rock back and forth on top of the statue of St.

Peter to reach the tower would just about finish me off!), Get the sword - Chapter - Florence, Italy : Archimedes Code free video game guide and. Crack another case with Nicole Bonnet and help the DEA bring down an evil Mexican drug cartel in Art of Murder: The! Tunguska is a comprehensive step by step fully illustrated guide including the steps needed to learn useful information, follow the story and to see the puzzles Find all our Cheats for PC. Metacritic Game Reviews, for PC, combines a moving story with engaging gameplay, mental challenges, and beautiful locations video by 123pazu. For on the PC, GameFAQs has a Wiki for collaborative game help latest cheats available anywhere in the universe, brought to you by the gamers at GamesRadar.

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