Secret Files 3 combines a moving story with engaging gameplay, mental challenges, and beautiful locations. Experience one of the most popular role-playing adventures of our time, a journey that has thrilled millions.
Order Assassin’s Creed Syndicate now and get an extra mission - The Darwin and Dickens Conspiracy! The Dark Eye - Demonicon is a thrilling action-RPG set in the extraordinarily popular universe of "The Dark Eye", a richly crafted fantasy world beloved by fantasy gamers across the globe.

Einen Haufen Belohnungen und Rabatte erhalten sowie Freunde einladen und damit Geld verdienen. Secret Files 3 was developed by Animation Arts and published by Deep Silver for MicroSoft Windows on 13 Sep, 2012.Nina and Max will return in Secret Files 3.
Or will you embrace your monstrous inner nature and carve a swath of destruction across the Realms? The state of Amn is under siege to the south, the High Moor is being overrun in the north and the region around Baldur's Gate is in turmoil.

Embark on two pulse-quickening missions that will take you into the inner sanctums of London’s most influential men. Throughout the story players will experience a cinematic hunt crossing continents, with many riddles waiting to be solved.

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