This page contains a list of all comics in the series including items such as trade paperback books, magazines, and other items of interest. Its like what my Brother once told me as to why he watched the Show Charmed, " I can watch it with the volume off" was his only reply. Its like what my Brother once told me as to why he watched the Show Charmed, " I can watch it with the volume off" was his only reply.
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This comic issue or event is part of the DC Universe crossover event "The Joker's Last Laugh", spanning nearly every single DC Title, in which the Joker uses his Venom to jokerize all of the supervillains on Earth, and unleashes them on the populace. LEWISTON UFO LANDING- Offiicial report is that it appears to have been swamp gas and the melted parts from a '97 Chevy Truck, we are still looking for the swamp and trying to figure how to get what is left of the truck out of the tops of the trees. WEAVERVILLE AIRPORT EVENT- Local airport authority says whatever it was still owes the tie-down fee. TRINITY CENTER UFO- Divers checking the lake bottom did not find a UFO, just large round 35' deep impression, 300' in diameter, with a very flat Boston Whaler type boat near it's center. DOUGLAS CITY CLOSE ENCOUNTER- Unfounded, aparently a high school student's attempt to improve the "dog ate my homework" story. HAYFORK ABDUCTIONS- Unfounded, just wishfull thinking, the children had just aparently run away from home.
COFFEE CREEK ALIENS-Unfounded, it was apparently just a family of American Citizens on vacation, their ID checked out OK.

SOUTHERN TRINITY CATTLE MUTILATIONS- Still being investigated, BBQ sauce, Charcoal, and starter fluid reportedly found at scene. BIG BAR UFO SIGHTING- Unfounded, aparently the only large alunimum cylinders found at the location by officials had previously been full of beer. Please E-MAIL your reports to the UFO Files OfficialTrinityCam UFO Investigator- We will leave a telephone message for him with his attendant. The name of this unique artifact was not invented by science fiction fans, and most that are on the conservative scholars. Sergey Savenko, Pyatigorsk museum: "They found an analogy, it's even geographically not so far, this is the territory of Crimea. Experts anthropologists have refuted all the fantastic theories, but none of the puzzles Nevinnomyssky burial is not disclosed. The Adventures of archaeologists from the very beginning Nevinnomyssk bought some anti-scientific tone.
Anna Shvyreva, Department of Nature in the Stavropol Museum: "For this horse had been dug in the ground a special bath. Other than that I find it intriguing how chimeras pop-up in many different old cultures spread over the globe. I am convinced, oh and btw, some scientist did an environmentally controlled experiment that was based on.
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Hay cada aborto de la naturaleza, conozco muchas minas a cara lavada y son 100mil veces mas lindas que sos fetos. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression.
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No explanation yet for the identical surgical incisions, or their amazing new psychic abilities.
No explanation for the coinsidental discovery of pieces of WW2 fighter aircraft in like-new condition nearby.
Yep, before she signed with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and blew up into the dreams of men everywhere, Kate was modeling Victoria’s Secret underwear in 2011. The next time he is able to break into an office with a computer with an internet connection, he will respond to your e-mail personally.- The Webmaster.

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