There are few art forms as meditative, nostalgic and all-around blissful as the coloring book. There's just something magical about the ability to transform black-and-white pages into full blown works of art, without ever once undergoing a creative meltdown in the process. Yes, we're waxing poetic about our third grade creative outlet of choice, the unassuming booklet of canvases that turns even the most reticent of artists into budding creative spirits. Basford, a commercial illustrator based in the UK, modeled her first book The Secret Garden after the Brodick Castle Gardens on the Isle of Arran, on the West Coast of Scotland. Dubbing herself an "inky illustrator," Basford uses monochromatic lines to create wild naturescapes waiting to be filled with vitality.
Consider trading in your yoga mat for a set of markers and peruse the gorgeous gardens of Basford's imagination below. Beautiful forest landscape HD Desktop Wallpaper, download this wallpaper for free in HD resolution. This HD Wallpaper Beautiful forest landscape HD Desktop Wallpaper has viewed by 355 views users. If you want the same screensaver on your desktop, please click the wallpaper and you will go to page download. This weekend marked the beginning of a mysterious and exciting seven month exploration of sorts for me.
Simple everyday items are so much more wonderful if they come in something thoughtfully crafted.
It seems that the majority of decadent packaging that I'm loving houses sweets and cosmetics. To read a little bit about The Powers Girl, click here. Happy Sunday evening friends! In my pastry obsessed brain, I'm constantly drawing design inspiration from celluloid finds.
I know that sometimes we are all just in the mood to watch beautiful vintage footage of bellydancing, and tonight was one of those nights.
This chocolate and apricot cake was created in a moment of panic by a sixteen year old baking apprentice, Franz Sacher in 1832. On the Sacher Hotel's website, they mention that there is a secret ingredient added, and that the real Sacher recipe is shrouded in mystery. I have heard that the original cake is quite dry, I've made this cake several times with a little doctoring and it is decadent and such a treat (if you are into rich dark chocolate desserts). The recipe is considered exclusive to the Hotel Sacher of Vienna, and you can only have an authentic Sacher Torte made by the hotel. The process is intuitive, carefree -- the artistic equivalent of a low-stakes game of freeze tag. And although most practitioners of this enchanting art form haven't yet hit puberty, there are ways for adults to participate in the glorious art of the coloring book.

The artist has sold over one million copies of Secret Garden worldwide, which has been translated into over 14 different languages. Since the early 20th century, psychologists including Carl Jung have preached the tranquil advantages of the technique.
Lady O recently selected this stunning McQueen gown for a gala honoring China's president. I always am so inspired to put on a pretty floral dress and get important things done when I see her in flowers. They remind me of playing dress up as a little girl and scavengering through my grandmother's jewelry box.
I have a thing for gold (real or otherwise), so everything I've posted are all of the crazy gold ring variety. I hope you do too and find a little shiny appreciation and inspiration from these beauties. From the simplicity of Muji to all of the over-the-top food packaging, Japan rules supreme in packaging in my opinion. I've been a little (very) obsessed with vintage umbrellas lately, and this clip is rainy day dancing perfection.
I can't think of a better way to ring in 2011 but with lots of sparkles and tulle and feathers.
I first fell in love with you a million years back at an Art Deco exhibit and sale when I stumbled upon a display of deco era swirly celluloid flower place holders. It's much more common and less valuable than bakelite, and I love that all sorts of figurines, jewelry, buttons, boxes, toys, and everything in between was made out of it. Floral celluloid broaches and necklaces always translate to blown or gumpaste sugar flowers and filigree to me.
I'm crazy enough to pay just about any price for them, because they have such a lasting memory to me. The definition of a Sacher Torte was decided in a Viennese court shortly after the cake's inception. Enter Johanna Basford, the intrepid soul behind two adult coloring books, Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest, spreading the gospel of the coloring book to aspiring artists of a certain age.
There's something undeniably accessible about the semi-blank pages of a coloring book that provides the training wheels so many budding artists crave.
My venue is a large ballroom that is enclosed with a black fence I was going to weave fake flowers and heart garland into it and with the help of my horticulture friends ( I’m in an ag sorority at NDSU) place flowers all over the place. The flowers in these pic don’t match your theme much but the lanterns and candles are neat ideas.
What other First Lady would've worn that and pull it off in such an effortless, awesome way?
They were so pretty and tiny and I loved that their exclusive purpose was to finish off a gorgeous fancy fete worthy table.

The head chef who Sacher worked under was ill that day, and Sacher had to come up with something fit for a prince and his guests. It was decided by the Congress of Vienna that the Sacher was made of two layers of chocolate cake, separated by apricot jam and covered in chocolate glaze. We could discuss childhood obesity and work in the White House vegetable garden (what a gorgeous and bountiful garden by the way) in our pretty dresses.
Buying something lovely and special is a thousand times more fun when it has terrific packaging.
Sadly, it ended up suffering a freak accident falling into a lamp and turning into a fiery little ball.
It is much more delicate, the colors more faded out than bakelite, and I love how it ages so beautifully. A child born into a circus family of acrobats in Cairo (this fact makes me love her even more), Naima began her career at age four performing in the Akef Circus as an acrobat.
In pastry school, we had read that the addition of apricot jam (the cake's signature addition) by Sacher was simply an afterthought - and thus the world renowned Sacher Torte was born.
A blank sheet of paper can be daunting, but a coloring book has the outlines already there, making it easier to pick up a pencil and begin making your mark. They are really the only accessory that you need - they certainly take up a lot of sparkle allowance to any given ensemble. You have to love a holiday where people fill the streets to watch a gigantic glittering disco ball drop in crazy glasses, tiaras and top hats (elegant glossy black ones or silver paper - doesn't really matter) and kiss at midnight. I have yet to find those place settings again (and, of course, I've been searching high and low for them for years). Celluloid artifacts were essentially Depression era dime store finds, pendants and purses were picked up at Woolworth.
Sacher's cake became so famous that he eventually opened the Hotel Sacher in Vienna, where people flocked for his signature dessert. My FH is very into the steampunk thing so I wanted to incoporate brass and I bought him a steampunk pocketwatch. Munchkin Land is overflowing with giant dreamy celluloid blooms that I couldn't take my eyes off of. Wonderful Glinda's bubble would be made out of cotton candy pink translucent celluloid for sure.

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