Clapton hopes that Emmy voters will believe in the authenticity of her costumes for the acclaimed HBO show when time comes to hand out nominations.
For season two, Clapton again studied Martin’s books and the environment, climate, lifestyle and food sources of those areas, to get a handle on the Greyjoys and the Wildlings, groups who were introduced this season. She hopes this episode will show voters how realistically the costumes are designed, how Greyjoys’ clothing protects them from the wind and crashing water on their barren rock isles.

This year she almost chose a different episode from the one she ended up submitting, initially beguiled by scenes with grand court costumes and beautiful gowns. She also wanted to show how the wildlings’ garb mimics those of nomadic Inuit-inspired cultures, with decorated animal skins, lashed-together leather, animal bones and skulls worn as battle armor. Martin’s epic series may be a fantasy, but its fully realized, darkly medieval world looks and feels utterly authentic.

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