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So my computer is busted with some tenacious malware after searching for some comic torrents (stupid me L-) ), so my computer is in the shop and I'm missing out on some awesome MM time.
Kingsman: The Secret Service is the 2015 British spy feature film adaptation of the comic book series The Secret Service by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons.
Kingsman agents, including Galahad (Colin Firth), Arthur (Michael Caine), Lancelot (Jack Davenport), Eggsy (Taron Egerton), and Roxy (Sophie Cookson), are seen carrying and using customized Tokarev TT-30 pistols as their standard sidearm, which appears to have a 10-round magazine capacity instead of the ordinary 8.
A suppressed Kingsman pistol is seen used at the film's beginning by the Kingsman agent Lancelot during the mission to rescue Professor Arnold (Mark Hamill). Arthur (Michael Caine) holds his sidearm, in which he hands the weapon later to Eggsy (Taron Egerton) for the test. What appears to be a Heckler & Koch P30 is pulled and used by Richmond Valentine (Samuel L. Kidnappers uses Heckler & Koch USP Compact as their weapon during the film's opening kidnapping scene. A kidnapper with his USP Compact, but had no chance to use it as he is killed by a Kingsman agent. Taron Egerton holds a Heckler & Koch USP Compact as Gary "Eggsy" Unwin in a promotional still for the film.
Galahad (Colin Firth) during the church melee uses a Beretta 92FS taken off one of the members. Galahad (Colin Firth) disassembles the Beretta, which gives a good interior look of the weapon. During the bar fight, one of the thugs draws from the waistband and fires a Smith & Wesson Model 36 revolver at Galahad (Colin Firth)'s umbrella. One of the church members in the melee appears to be armed with a Smith & Wesson Model 66 that is taken by Galahad.
Some of Valentine's men are seen armed with the Heckler & Koch MP5KA1 with white furniture and fitted with an ASG Super Xenon 16085 weaponlight (which is actually intended for use with pistols). Some of Valentine's men are seen armed with the Heckler & Koch MP5K-PDW with white furniture. The Heckler & Koch MP5SD3 is carried by Lancelot (Jack Davenport) during the film's opening.
APC9 submachine gun seen in the hands of the kidnappers during the film's opening kidnapping.

Having found a solution of stuffing JB in his tactical vest Eggsy continues his training armed with his M4A1. Merlin (Mark Strong) uses a Heckler & Koch HK416 during a shootout with Valentine's men.
Some of Valentine's guards at the mountain carry the FN SCAR-L CQC modified with white furniture and Magpul PMAGs. An enemy fighter in the Middle East mission during the film's opening scene carries an AK-47-type rifle, but never had a chance to use it as the user was killed in an airstrike by the Kingsman. Several Accuracy International AX338 sniper rifles are seen in the hidden Kingsman "accessory" room. During the Kingsman training, what appears to be a Accuracy International AX50 sniper rifle is used by Eggsy during a night exercise. One of Valentine's men is armed with a Blaser Tactical 2 with a custom winter paint scheme. An enemy fighter in the Middle East mission during the film's opening scene carries a RPG-7, but never had a chance to use it as the user was killed in an airstrike by the Kingsman. At one point, the Kingsman "accessory" room is revealed, displaying various gadgets hidden in shoes, cufflinks and umbrellas.
One of the specialized Kingman gadgets is a customized umbrella that is capable firing with both non-lethal stun rounds as well as shotgun shells. Another one of the specialized Kingsman gadgets is the Kingsman is a hand grenade disguised as a cigarette lighter. Top Secret (Original title: Secret defense) is a 1998 French crime drama film directed by Jacques Rivette.
The Marvel Logo and all characters that appear in Marvel Heroes and on this website and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are Trademarks of Marvel Entertainment, LLC and are used with permission. The film was directed by Matthew Vaughn and marks the second original comic book series created by Millar that Vaughn has adapted (following 2010's Kick-Ass). Designed and made by Cohort Film Services' armoury technician, the TT-30s were refinished and reblued and feature custom handmade grips, re-profiled slides, hammers, and frames, and an underbarrel shotgun attachment. At least in this scene the pistol is consistently shown as having 10-round magazine (1 shotgun shot, then two 10-round magazines). There is no indication that Gazelle normally carries a gun with herself, and she may have just been carrying it for encountering Eggsy.
The shots fired at Gazelle (Sofia Boutella) were proven to be ineffective and the guards were eventually killed.

Galahad (Colin Firth) disarms a man of a Heckler & Koch USP Compact during the church melee and uses it until it runs dry.
Galahad later takes away the empty Beretta and takes the slide off the pistol to embed it into a man's eye just before stabbing the same man in the neck with the frame for good measure.
The thug fired 8 shots - 3 rounds beyond the capacity of the weapon - before he was subdued by Galahad. Eggsy (Taron Egerton) takes and uses a Heckler & Koch MP5KA1 off one of Valentine's guards. Like the MP5KA1 and FN SCAR-L in the film, these weapons were treated with a custom winter paint scheme and are fitted with ASG Super Xenon 16085 weaponlights.
The first and third rifles (in the center cabinet) are Accuracy International AX50 rifles in .50BMG and the second and fourth rifles are Accuracy International AX308 rifles judging by the size of the mags as well as the muzzle brakes on both weapons. This particular weapon also is fitted with a suppressor as well and the bolt handle is seen on the rifle's left side. Siblings Paul (Gregoire Colin) and Sylvia (Sandrine Bonnaire) decides to avenge the death of their father, the arms dealer. There is no indication that Valentine normally carries a gun with himself, and he may have just been carrying it for encountering Galahad. The pistol is also seen as the standard pistol of Valentine's men and later, used by Eggsy (Taron Egerton) taken from a guard in a gunfight. In addition the rifles on the left both appear to be HK416s and the ones on the right also seem to be Bushmaster ACRs. From the unsolved murder is suspected his ex-assistant and successor Walser (Jerzy Radziwilowicz).
Eggsy (Taron Egerton) can also be seen with the P30 on the poster, although he never uses one in the film. I know Venom is in the early stages of development, but it would be awesome if one of the devs could post a tease maybe once a month leading up to his release? It doesn't have to something tangible, it could just be like a comic panel chosen from the devs that has something to do with one of his powers or his passives or something.
They don't always see eye to eye, but even Brock recognizes real, and gives Parker his props.

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