However, while trying to sort out the mess his sister has left with her old magazines, which are to be taken away for recycling, Mitsuhiko beholds a page with a startling picture: his schoolfriend (and love interest) Haibara appears to be a former American child actress! When the two girls have breakfast, Haibara reminisces about her favorite type of sandwich, which prompts Ayumi to suggest a shopping trip. What is more surprising is the set of facts printed next to the picture, which introduces her as Grace Aihara, who is now 9 years old - one year older than Haibara "actually" is.

Like Haibara, she is half English and half Japanese, and has retired to Great Britain following the conclusion of her acting career.
In addition, right after this discovery, Conan calls Mitsuhiko, hurriedly telling him to keep Haibara away from Professor Agasa's house.

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