Joo-wanda and Ra-Him wake up the whole of Jeju Island with their screams, as they each freak out over their new…assets. She tears out of the hotel room, leaving Oska to wonder if maybe he did something in his sleep. Ra-Him gets sidetracked by the appearance of Seul, as she wonders how a woman so young became a director. He addresses Joo-wanda by his usual informal speech, eliciting a very pointed reaction from him.
Joo-wanda tries to think through the problem rationally, but can’t focus because of his falling bra strap.
Ra-Him says that it’s what happens in all fairy tales—crazy stuff happens, and then a kiss puts everything back. Joo-wanda teases her that she just wanted to kiss him (Dude, you’re the one who initiated the makeout session) and further gripes that if they end up like this permanently, she has nothing to lose. Ra-Him is due on set, and tells Joo-wanda that they have to go, otherwise she’ll be fired. Back at Oska’s suite, his manager tries to get him out of his funk to shoot the video, reminding him how much he secretly wanted to see Seul. Ra-Him and Joo-wanda head back to the sauna to pick up her stuff, and Joo-wanda hilariously does a double-take at a well-endowed woman, ready to follow her into the women’s locker room to change.
They make it back to the hotel room to clean up and get changed, and Joo-wanda heads in for a shower.
She says that it can wait a day (in case things magically go back to normal tomorrow), so they’ll just wash their faces. With a command to keep his eyes closed, Ra-Him hands him a bra to put on, but he struggles to get it on and gives up. Oska shows up to the video shoot, but refuses to do anything but close-ups, leaving Jong-soo to do all the heavy lifting. Back in Seoul, Joo-won’s mother meets with his shrink, asking in her condescending way why she’s been coming by his place—does she sleep with him?
Mommie Dearest meets up with Oska’s mom, and the sisters have a meltdown over the possibility that their father might actually succeed at having a son with his new wife. Ra-Him and Joo-wanda show up to the video shoot, and Ra-Him apologizes to Jong-soo, bowing again.
Ra-Him returns to the set and hands out refreshments to her sunbaes, overzealously acting like her usual self. She goes up to Seul afterwards, with a kind word that it was clear she was telling her own story. She tells Joo-wanda that Seul isn’t actually into him, while he tells her that her director IS. Ra-Him sneaks quietly into Oska’s room, and freaks out when he appears in nothing but a towel. Having gotten the wrong idea, of course, Oska thinks he’s settling in for a cozy evening with Ra-im, but Joo-wanda just tsk-tsks him in his head, and leaves him hanging. Everyone does some soulful staring in an angst-go-round, and Joo-wanda sits in his hotel room, finally coming to a very important decision…he’s just going to take one peek. They wake up the next morning, hoping against hope…but find that they’re still swapped.

Not really a cliffhanger, as far as endings go, since Seul is neither someone we care about yet, nor a real presence in Joo-won’s life. Before, I was mildly interested in the scenes with other characters, but now that the switch has happened and it’s nonstop comedy hour with those two, it actually angers me when we cut away to the other characters.
I think I was extra confused because I’d started thinking of them in terms of Body first – Soul second, so I had to re-read a couple parts 4 or 5 times to figure them out! Thank you for making the pain more bearable, and also damn you for making the wait more torturous!!!
They both make their way over to mirrors, and doubly freak out to find out just exactly whose bodies they’re in. There, outside the room, they meet face-to-face, and stare gobsmacked at…well, their own faces. Jong-soo decides that he needs to talk some sense into Joo-wanda, grabbing him by the wrist.
Ra-Him tells him to shorten it, and reaches into his shirt to help him do it, startling everyone around them. They’re about to get handsy in the middle of the kissing, but they catch themselves, and pull apart.
He doesn’t care, so Ra-Him says she’ll have to go straight to Seul and confess…how yesterday he was just playing hard to get. He advises him to face her, and start over, or get over her, but Oska confesses that he doesn’t have the courage to do either. He starts with shaving her face (aw, so cute) but she says she can handle it—she shaves too. As the only heirs to the family fortune, they obviously can’t have another sibling now, and a SON at that, who would inherit everything.
Jong-soo just gets angrier at her apology-by-proxy, and Joo-wanda suggests they discuss it over a cigarette.
Seul makes them do take after take, dissatisfied with the acting, and stops the production to ask him publicly whether or not he knows what it’s like to hurt because you lost the person you love.
In order to make her stay in the other room (he can’t have her staying here with another man!) Joo-wanda starts coming on to Oska, with his best oppa-pout-wiggle.
She wraps her arms and legs around him and they struggle, which is exactly when Seul arrives. She basically told Ra-Him to play around and just come around to her, so really, they’re just doing what she said to do. Your recaps keep me going till I can finally get my hands on a subbed episode… but I honestly had to keep pausing to think who one is Ra-Him and who is Joo-wanda. There was really no need to call them different names now that they’ve swapped bodies. I knew it’d be explosive when they started inhabiting each other’s bodies, but this? Ra-Him does an especially girly jump-hop in front of the mirror that makes me so giddy for all the girliness to come. Ra-Him jumps in to stop him, but then when Jong-soo tells her to butt out, she hangs back meekly.
He watches their mystical reflection and apologizes to Joo-won, saying that it was the only thing he could do to save his daughter.

So I guess there’s no chance the soul-switching knocked the arrogant out of your ass? Joo-wanda’s eyes widen in horror and he chases after her, exasperated at how short his legs are now. His ex Chae-rin shows up, having been cast by Seul, but thinking that it was Oska’s doing.
She tries very badly to spy on them, and meanwhile Joo-wanda figures out the score with Jong-soo in two seconds flat. She asks that he do the same, and come around to her, when he’s done playing with Ra-im. He starts lifting up his (her?) shirt, but then sees all her scars and bruises, and discovers that her body is literally covered in them. Would’ve been more dramatic if Jong-soo had discovered them, as he seemed to be the more invested party in this episode. Hyun Bin is killing it with his comedic sense, but so is Ha Ji-won, as the arrogant bastard trapped in the body of a much shorter woman. I do really enjoy how Oska is being used as a triangle-but-not, as a middleman for affections, a rival, a brother.
Everyone knows they are still not in their real bodies so I feel that it is more appropriate and less confusing to call them by their soul names. The actors are just amazing they, I was just laughing and agape at their amazing acting…. Mother has asked her there to consult on older women’s likelihood of pregnancy, but succeeds in belittling her, just for fun.
She’s happy to tell him, and continues to unburden all her pent-up pain, at having to cry alone for fear of ruining his reputation, all the while believing that he never hurt at all because of her. He catches himself (presumably Joo-won wouldn’t stand for his accident to be mentioned), and glosses over it. Ra-Him watches horrified, as he asks if he can spend the night here with oppa, making her leave in a huff. Somehow Joo-won’s loss of stature in her body just makes him that much funnier as a character.
But pausing 47 hundred times in one episode for laughter isn’t productive for anyone. I was really iffy about this show and the body swapping but once I started reading your and javabeans recaps I had to watch the first episode. Aw, he was pathetic enough when Ra-im was driving her own body, but now with Joo-won behind the wheel, he’s done for. As for Ha Ji-won, I love that she gets to play the aggressor now—her smirky faces are so spot-on, and she owns everything, from the kiss down to the surly attitude.
They feel at ease to get all handsy with each other, because they still feel like that other body is theirs. Because the ownership goes both ways, they have no qualms about being all over each other, but get squeamish if the other is about to shower or go to the bathroom.

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