As another year ends for Secret Garden Party and the tide turns back to the real world of royal baby coverage for 30,000 hazy gardeners, Tuesday mornings grating commute seems a little more bearable with the knowing of surprises concealed for gardeners-eyes-only.As most reviewers from this weekend will tell you – Secret Garden Party’s tenth year was a stand out one, filled with pyrotechnics, geriatrics and a whole host of wonderful new spectacles that made the garden turning a decade old feel like a special, life-affirming experience. My sweet girl was so excited for her party. I spent lots of crying quality time the week prior to the party designing, cutting, sewing, altering, pinning, and swearing to make her party dress. I love how her birthday banner turned out and it was pretty simple to put together; that alone makes it a winner in my book!
Not only did I use mason jars to hold the straws, but they were also used for the art table that was set up for the kids during the party.
We are hosting our first Kitchen Fun and Crafty link party next Friday and would love for you to share this! Like I said in my party inspiration post last week, the moment I saw the Secret Garden collection from Sandi Henderson, it was party at first sight. It turned out about 87% like I had originally imagined, so I consider that a success for my first dress attempt! I cut the burlap flags by hand and used by ever-trusty Silhouette to cut the circles and letters out.
Using  tissue poms, glass vases that I already had on hand, and die cuts that coordinated with the theme, I had a great conversation piece that didn’t break my bank.

The mason jars were wrapped with burlap and tied with fabric from the Secret Garden collection. I found tree and flower cardboard cutouts months ago on clearance at Michael’s {yes, I did plan this party for a solid 6 months} and knew they would be a great fit. I took flower seeds and wrapped them with burlap and fabric and tied it off with colored raffia.
I am so lucky to be able to celebrate my kidlets this way and honestly, I am just so lucky to have these sweet babies. You are such a fantastic party planner and I’m sure Reagan will love looking back on all of these gorgeous pictures!
My daughter attended a 4 year old princess party that had a similar look, I love the idea of a garden party, with the pendants, flowers, and nature all around.
But the reason this is, becomes very clear once you find yourself on site.With the new lake attracting much use due to the soaring 30° heat, baptisms and Bearded Kitten’s own version of the international Birdman competition became drowned out by the lust of people to bathe in it’s cooling waters. Using pop up glue spots for the letters and hot glue for everything else, this went together really easily.
Using art supplies from the local dollar store, the kids went to town making their little masterpieces.

Brilliant and barmy costumes delighted this year’s superstition theme, as those in broken mirror ball space costumes sat alongside savvy twenty something’s who’d feigned building ladders into their outfits. But Garden Party did it’s best in supporting the theme too, with giant magpies adorning the site.The annual burning of the lake stage upstaged a driven if slightly disappointing set from Faithless. With a reveille calling time on the action, and a firework display choreographed beat-by-beat to perfection – this year’s design, a pirate ship tangled in it’s kraken enemy exploding, made for a beautiful image on Saturday evening.Stand out sets from the brilliantly folky Keston Cobblers Club, and the Williams Farey Brass Band made the weekend flow on in a fine musical fashion, while David Icke being booed off stage while talking about hologram people. But for those not interested by wisdom – Secret Garden Party always made sure there was a dance off or bouncy hopper race to match the seriousness with silliness.For everyone that made it to the Garden last weekend, there’s one token memory they’ve left with.
So if you don’t find yourself in a field in Cambridgeshire on a weekend in the middle of June, next year, believe me, you’re doing festivals wrong.

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