Host your party outdoors, ideally in a park or a garden where there are big trees – this way your party area is already partially decorated!
In the invitation, encourage guests to come dressed up, or as part of the party activities craft little flower crowns using either real or fake satin flowers, floral wire and tape.
For table decorations, combine fresh flowers with more woody type plants, ferns and mosses.
Combine healthy snacks like cucumber tea sandwiches, baby cheese rounds and slices of watermelon with treats of ladybird chocolates, mushroom sweets and “toadstool” macaroons. A woodland cake is easily done by decorating a Swiss Roll with chocolate shavings, fresh berries and cherries.
Belinda McCall is the co-owner of Nest, an online store selling an innovative and exclusive range of children's furniture and storage solutions. We do our best to support as many browsers as possible, but we can't test and support them all. Secret Garden Party is in its 11th year as a music and arts festival promoting all forms of expression.

We will also offer a taste of NOW Festival’s workshops at the Forum and within SGP, including short mindfulness classes with The Mindfulness Exchange and awe-inspiring stone balancing workshops with Responsible Fishing UK.
To personalise the area, set up a wooden framed sign welcoming guests to your “secret garden”.
Similarly, leftover flowers and petals can also be sewn onto simple white t-shirts for a complete outfit. The perfect tablescape can be created with the addition of a fake grass tablecloth or placemat – we used a roll of grass “paper” that is typically found in toy stores for train sets. Let them discover the delight of drinking “dew drops” as opposed to good old-fashioned water! It is beautifully appliqued and hand embroidered with delicate fairies, flowers and butterflies – and best of all it will last long after the party! Kids then play the traditional Memory Game by overturning one cup and then a second, hoping to match and make up a pair. Make up little hunting kits by filling a party bag with a magnifying glass, small net (TIP: buy ones normally used for fish tanks from your local pet shop) a glass catching jar and glitter in tubes so as to attract the fairies.

Passionate about retail, she is committed to sourcing and developing good quality, stylish, functional products that will stand out and look great in any family home. If you can, upgrade your browser or activate Google Chrome Frame to get the best experience at Catch My Party. It is aesthetically dazzling, rich in content, always aiming to create community and spread fresh ideas. With contributions from some of the UK’s most unique thinkers, the morning will focus on creativity, the mind, connection, time perception, mindfulness and much more. Each child gets their kit and then sets off to find as many fairies as they can – these can be cut-out paper fairies or plastic figurines that can do double-duty as party favours.
If not, the cups are turned back over the chocolates and then the next child has their turn.

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