Launching the second edition of the President's Secret Garden, President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca encouraged children to never shy away from expressing their thoughts and sharing their aspirations and wishes. The President went on to encourage children, especially girls, to show more interest in the sciences.
11-year-old Jerome Cachia explained how last year he spent every Saturday morning at the secret garden, learning arts and playing the drums along with a new-found friend. Reproduction of material from this website without written permission is strictly prohibited.

All art is property of the creators, please only submit something that you have made yourself.
80?? ???? ??? ????(New Age)? ???? ?? ??? ? ???? ??? ?? ? ???, ???? ?? ???? ???? ???? ??? ???? ??? ??? ??? ???. It is our responsibility as adults to listen and understand what you have to say," Coleiro Preca said, telling the young ones that the garden at San Anton Palace was theirs to make use of. The foundation has, in this regard, prepared initiatives that would bring children closer to the sciences.

It includes a collection of art from creators around the world who have come together to celebrate the much loved animation studio.
This garden gives them an opportunity to interact and learn in a fun way," Coleiro Preca added.

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