Members Jun Hyosung, Han Sunhwa, Zinger and Song Jieun make up the popular girl group Secret. Secret has been using their bright and healthy feminine image in their favor ever since debut and now they have upgraded their image to sexy. On August 24, the leader Jun Hyosung posted a picture of herself on twitter showing off thinner cheeks. They will release their 1st full-length album “Moving In Secret” on September 13 and are  also planning to release their new mini-album in November.

Just like their previous hits “Madonna,” “Shy Boy” and “Starlight Moonlight,” “Poison” is already being anticipated by fans as a big hit material.
Their management comments that their new song “Poison” is a distinctive color for Secret, but they will change their image from cute to sexy through this song.
In order to successfully show a sexy image, the members of Secret tackled a strict diet and worked out diligently for the past 6 months. A lot of fans feel sad that her chubby cheeks are gone, but she has replied, “Selca’s are usually appear 150x skinnier than in real life.

Since their first Japan tour “Secret Time 2012” in early March, the girls’ bodies and minds have slowly started to change.
They started to alter their diet to high-protein and low-carb along with receiving fitness training, to achieve thin and curvy bodies.

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