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Unfortunately for these plaintiffs, they have so far been unable to challenge the FISA Amendments Act directly because the government says that they can't prove the government has actually spied on them. Here's what the civil libertarians and human rights activists are upset about: The FISA Amendments Act authorized the warrantless surveillance aimed at targets abroad, including correspondence where one of the points of contact is within the United States.
The arguments before the Supreme Court on Monday weren't about whether this kind of surveillance violates Americans' constitutional rights. Obviously the ultimate question of whether or not the government's behavior is constitutional is important. The plaintiffs argue the harm caused by the assumption they could be spied on are very real.
Even if the Supreme Court decides the plaintiffs have standing to sue, that doesn't indicate who will end up winning the case. In other words, even if the government loses this argument before the Supreme Court, it still has a way to win the case on the merits: Just say it's a secret. About James JoynerJames Joyner is the publisher of Outside the Beltway, an associate professor of security studies at the Marine Corps Command and Staff College, and a nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council.
Includes a shading criminal to represent the anonymous, black market aspect of the currency. This vector illustration represents curiosity, mystery, secrecy, security, surveillance, spying, invasion of privacy, suspicion, fear.

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Barack Obama, passed a bill called the FISA Amendments Act that retroactively legalized the Bush administration's warrantless spying program.
That means the government could spy on American citizens without a warrant or probable cause. Instead, the justices are deciding whether or not the lawyers, journalists, and human rights activists involved in the case can sue at all. But just as important is the question of whether the plaintiffs can argue before a court that the government's behavior is unconstitutional. The current composition of the court isn't exactly friendly to civil liberties in the war on terror—Bush's appointees shifted the court to the right on these issues, and the legal views of Barack Obama's recent appointees have yet to be tested.
If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. Surveillance in cases targeting suspected foreign agents previously had to be approved by a special court. Moreover, they argue, the fact that the government has this authority in the first place has an impact on what people say, because they have to assume the government is listening.

Taking advantage of California's legalization of medical marijuana, The American Ultra team utilized the herb as a pretty chill marketing method for their latest stoner action-comedy.Don't get too overly excited yet, though! The FISA Amendments Act allowed the government broad latitude to spy without ever needing to ask a judge's permission, even if that means picking up Americans' emails and phone calls. Read the Top Secret Government DocumentThe "redacted" government flyer, which was sent to various media outlets during the weekend for mass distribution, asks prospective agents to please enlist in the American Ultra Program. Once you have finished reading the document and enlisted, please proceed to the next step.2.
Sadly, the website was GPS sensitive and only functioned correctly for those operatives located in the city of San Diego between July 9th and 12th. Provide Vital InformationThe enlistees who were in the city at the appropriate time would then need to provide American Ultra with his or her personal information, including name, birthday, driver license number, and proof of medical marijuana prescription.
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