At the beginning of regular gameplay in Grand Theft Auto 5, you play the role of Michael robbing a bank in North Yankton with his accomplices—shooting police and evading a high-speed train in the process. Je vais avoir cette carte aussi, j'ai bien un neon bleu (non UV) ca pourra peut-etre faire l'affaire non ? Salut beachboyMerci pour le complement et la traduction du message de la deuxieme photo.T'as reussi a trouver le magot en suivant ces indications ?

While you do revisit North Yankton during regular gameplay in Los Santos, it's strangely unavailable for online play.Well, thanks to YouTube user Kronos, you can now exploit a glitch during regular gameplay in order to get into North Yankton for your GTA 5 Online session. Once they do this, you'll need to go to regular single-player mode, press start, go to the game tab, and replay Prologue.Play the mission as you normally would, but instead of shooting it out with the police after opening the garage door, run off to the side and press start instead.

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