At Secret Harbour Primary School, we try to make the school a happy place where children enjoy learning. We are fortunate to have a dedicated staff and we will do the best for your children but we need your support. Your children appreciate your involvement with the school and their learning is enhanced when they see that you consider it important enough to take an active interest.
National Parks, Duty-Free shopping, Campgrounds, Kayaking, Hiking, Ecological tours, World-class diving, Superb sailing, Sport Fishing, Sunbathing, Local craftsmen, Island art, Fine Dining, and of course the Nightlife.

We hope they develop socially and academically to the best of their ability in a happy atmosphere of co-operation with staff and other children.
Please feel free to come to the school to discuss your children’s progress, assist the teachers in the classroom, help with reading, the covering of books or any of our other activities. Community members and prospective parents are welcome to visit the school, just let us know and we will take the time to show you our facilities and tell you about our programmes.
We appreciate your views and suggestions and by sharing and caring we can make Secret Harbour a school of excellence.

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