These three essentials require an income and as a music teacher that means you’ll need students and preferably, lots of them.
After extensive research, David Cutler discovered that music teachers who generated substantial (successful) incomes were more likely to integrate these three elements (OK, they are not really secrets but it caught your attention, right?) into their instruction compared to other teachers who did not. What will make you want to purchase this book is not only your hopes of meeting your bottom line. The Savvy Music Teacher is a page turner because Cutler weaves vignettes featuring various teachers around the world and we get a sneak peek into how they make their businesses boom. No, I was not paid to promote this book and I won’t get a cut when you purchase The Savvy Music Teacher at this link.
David Cutler balances a varied profile as a jazz and classical composer, pianist, educator, arranger, author, speaker, and director of the world’s premier experiential arts entrepreneurship workshop The SAVVY Musician in Action. To learn more about David Cutler and his book, visit the companion site to The Savvy Music Teacher here. Hi, I'm Leila Viss, pianist, organist, teacher, author of The iPad Piano Studio and blogger at Our support team consists of music teachers, like you, who also use Music Teacher’s Helper in their own studios.
January 31, 2013 By Healthy Helper 5 Comments Thanks for all the comments on yesterdays WIAW post!
This week has been pretty hectic so far with work, my first paper of the semester, writing for the paper, and crazy weather! 65 degrees yesterday (we even broke a record!) and now back to 20 degrees and snowing today! Like I mentioned last week, I stared writing for the paper in the Health and Fitness section and got my first article published! Of course there are better options than these suggestions even, but as a college student on campus, the options are pretty limited. Speaking of dinner, last night I made homemade salmon burgers for my parents and I for dinner!

In a large pan, heat a generous amount of oil (these burgers will easily stick and fall apart if you don’t grease the pan well enough!) and place burgers in the pan. I knew I needed a binder and as I was looking for the breadcrumbs, I remembered that we had some leftover pasta in the fridge!
It’s good to know we can make tasty salmon burgers with canned salmon because it’s SO much cheaper than buying fresh fillets! Before I go I wanted to share this list I came across this week…it’s all so true! Remember you still have until tomorrow night to share a random act of kindness you’ve done this week for my weekly Lend a {Healthy} Hand round up! Todays’s Healthy Help: Helped someone gather their papers that flew out of their hands in a big gust of wind while I was walking Ella this morning. I realize it’s a bold claim to narrow it down to just four and you may be asking, what does successful mean? More income is not necessarily related to teachers who produce competition winners, or dependent upon the degree earned by the instructor–although they should not be discounted. As I mentioned earlier, David Cutler made these discoveries and shared them in his latest book, The Savvy Music Teacher, Blueprint for Maximizing Income and Impact. The author conducted extensive interviews with teachers around the world. You’ll want to keep reading to obtain marketing strategies, time management skills and financial independence. In addition, the 387 page book is crafted around the story of Kristin Yost, a successful teaching artist and entrepreneur.
I share this resource with you because it’s a must-read for any rookie or established independent teacher. I am drawn to discovering innovative teaching methods and successful practice strategies to encourage the average player stick to the bench for life.
So I tried to come up with alternatives that I knew people would be able to get at the various food places on campus. Not only is The Office (double episode tonight!) on, but my dad has hockey so that means my mom and I have a “make whatever you want” night for dinner!

We usually use fresh salmon fillets because canned salmon doesn’t always make for the best burger, but canned it all we had on hand. I made bean burgers once where the recipe called for ground up cooked pasta as the binder and thought I’d try it with this recipe as well. When you have met and exceeded your bottom line and enjoy a waiting list, I believe you have made a success of your studio.
His diligent research and his own experience as the University of South Carolina’s Director of Music Entrepreneurship, were combined to produce a significant resource that will impact the business of music teaching for years to come.
The book tracks her humble beginnings, ambitions and insight into her endeavors to establish what is now a renowned school in the Dallas area. I daresay that if you were doubting the music-teacher path, this book may change your mind. So I experimented and tried to make these burgers just as delicious as the ones we make with fillets!
Canned salmon is pretty dry so I figured a more moist starch source would work better for binding. I finally perfected my recipe (the one I shared with you last week!) and I kind of look forward to unofficial pancake night now. Add pasta crumbles, veganaise, mustard, salt and pepper, and any other spices you wish to add.
I’m so happy with all the involvement I’ve gotten so far and hope it continues to grow! Mix all ingredients together and form into 3 burgers. Refrigerate for at least 45 minutes so the ingredients stick together a bit better.

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