The game follows the same story as its predecessor in which Yoshi and Baby Mario must save Baby Luigi after he is kidnapped by Kamek. The game features all 54 levels from the original SNES game (which are the 48 normal levels and the 6 extra levels), plus 6 new Game Boy Advance-exclusive "secret levels" (6 secret levels). World 0 consists solely of a short and basic tutorial level, named Welcome To Yoshi's Island, only playable after starting a new file. World 1 takes place in a grassy plain, and gives a taste of the different types of stages in the game. Italic enemies are invincible, and Bold enemies are almost invincible (can be defeated under certain conditions). The Yoshi's Island Mini Battle code was changed (as the Game Boy Advance lacks and buttons) to , , , , (while holding the button). The Countdown Timer ticks down each second now, instead of nearly twice per second as in the original game. The GBA version allows the player to carry up to 27 items at a time, rather than 25 as in the SNES version. The original version had 21 red coins in More Monkey Madness (Extra 3), but the remake has the usual 20.
All of the extra levels in the original game were modified for this version, most noticeably Kamek's Revenge. The sixth extra level of the game had its name changed from "Castles - Masterpiece Set" to "Ultimate Castle Challenge".
As is typical for GBA remakes, the palette is lightened to combat the original Game Boy Advance's lack of a backlight. When Yoshi touches a Fuzzy in the original game, the background smears erratically and fades between random colors. Probably related to the above, Red Coins were given away in the original; while yellow coins followed the rippling of the ground, Red Coins did not. In underground levels with "sparkling" ground, mushrooms and other foreground decorations sometimes have their palettes changed. The full length opening of the World x-8 boss music plays for all big bosses, rather than for just the Naval Piranha and Raphael the Raven.

In World 6-8, when being chased by Tap-Tap the Golden, the "path to the boss" music is played, rather than the World x-8 boss music.
Several sounds in the original were replaced by sound clips similar to the ones heard in Yoshi's Story - most notably the Shy Guys' and Yoshis' voices. When Yoshi jumps, flutter jumps, crouches, or throws an egg, he will make noises instead of having sound effects play. Baby Mario's cry, which was a stock sound effect in the SNES version, is replaced with a new voiced cry by Charles Martinet. At the world 3-8 boss, when Kamek appears, he says in the SNES version, "Give it up, Yoshi, you cutie without a navel! Aqua Lakitu • Bandit • Baron von Zeppelin • Baseball Boy • Barney Bubble • Beach Koopa • Big Boo • Biting Bullet Bill* • Blow Hard • Boo Balloon • Boo Blah • Boo • Boo Guy • Boo Man Bluff • Bouncing Bullet Bill • Bowling Goonie • Bubble Dayzee • Bullet Bill • Bumpty • Burt • Cactus Jack • Caged Ghost • Chain Chomp • Cheep Cheep • Chomp • Chomp Shark • Clawdaddy • Cloud Drop • Coin Bandit • Crazee Dayzee • Dancing Spear Guy • Dangling Ghost • Dizzy Dandy • Dr. I have never made it a secret that Super Mario World was one of my all time favourite Mario games so it is with great pleasure that I can present to you this collection of Super Mario World Game Maps!
Go and dust off your SNES or fire up your virtual console and get in a round of SMW, our Super Mario World Levels maps should make your quest that much easier!
We are in no way affiliated with Nintendo, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 was released in 2002 and has a number of differences from the original surrounding gameplay, content and graphics, as listed below. Holding the up arrow on the makes Yoshi look into the air, causing the screen to move up slightly. There are six new levels called the "secret levels" 1 found in each of the six worlds, making a total of sixty levels in the game. Every boss is just an enlarged version of a basic enemy that Kamek super-sizes with his magic.
The 2-Player option was also removed due to a link cable battle being only featured in the Mario Bros.
These are to the left of the Extra Levels on the map screen, and are unlocked by defeating Baby Bowser on level 6-8. The path the Yoshis follow to their goal is now in a straight line (due the GBA screen limitation), and spots have been added to the map for each world's two hidden levels.

As this is a remake, the credits list "Original YI Staff" under "Special Thanks"; it should be noted, however, that very few of the SNES version's staff members actually contributed to the remake. It sold 1.6 million copies in the US and was re-released in 2006 as a player's choice title. Holding the down arrow makes Yoshi crouch and if the screen has been moved up it will bring it down again.
The only exception is Prince Froggy, who remains at his normal size while Yoshi and Baby Mario are shrunk; he then eats them and the battle is located in his stomach. One allows the player to put their Game Boy Advance into sleep mode, or return to the overworld map. Similarly, the Yoshi who completed the x-7 levels was red, but appeared hot pink on the map. Additionally, a "world select" screen was added, and if the player has not yet completed World 6-8, Baby Luigi is shown on World 6's spot on the world select map. Notably, as Hiroshi Yamauchi resigned from the presidency of Nintendo a few months prior to the GBA version's release, the remake's executive producer is his successor, Satoru Iwata. Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 was re-released on the 3DS's Virtual Console exclusively to 3DS Ambassadors in Australia on December 15, 2011, and in Japan, North America, and Europe on December 16, 2011.
The other, which is a redesigned version of the original's pause screen, allows the use of items, and displays the player's current score for the level. Not even Shigeru Miyamoto is credited in the remake; Takashi Tezuka, one of the original game's directors, assumed producer duties in his stead. Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 was re-released again on the Wii U's Virtual Console in North America and Europe on April 24, 2014, Europe on April 25, 2014, and in Japan on October 15, 2014. This probably happens because the Game Boy Advance is not able to handle the Super FX chip-powered graphic effects as well as the original.

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