I originally discovered it through this post on Tumblr, and like many others, had absolutely no idea what was going on.
I think the video has a strong beginning, and sticks very true to the opening in all Harry Potter movies.
Put those two errors aside, though, and I feel that the video was okay, and it leaves a good first impression.
Also, the theatrical posted (referring to the one posted on Tumblr in the link provided above) is genius. Literature circle guide to shiloh by phyllis reynolds naylor book summary marty preston lives with family in the hills of west virginia, and he has always wanted a.The memory keeper's daughter by kim edwards is a poignant story of marriage, parenthood and a secret that entwines itself throughout the emotional lives of a family. Laurel Nicholson is a famous English actress, who witnessed something terrible as a sixteen year old.
It is to Morton’s credit that The Secret Keeper never once feels like more effort than it is worth. Even so, there were some things about the novel and the plot which felt a little contrived. This entry was posted in Arts, Books and tagged book review, books, kate morton, literature, mantle, mystery, Review, the secret keeper.
While I know it should not be Hollywood standards, and I should not hold it up to such, I felt it was, to put it bluntly, a bit corny. I think the casting for the main characters – again, Sirius, Bellatrix, and Barty Crouch Jr. I pick them up with caution, wondering if the author really needed so many words to tell the story. Now, grown up and returning to her childhood home to help care for her mother during her mother’s final few weeks of life, Laurel becomes determined to unravel the secrets hidden in her mother’s past. The writing is sharp, with enough attention to detail to paint a picture in the reader’s mind, without getting carried away and thinking that the reader needs to know the contours of every leaf on every mentioned tree. Laurel never slips into a caricature or a stereotype of what it means to be a famous actress, and I found myself drawn to Laurel because of her quest to discover more about who her mother used to be, and not because of her occupation.

There are several twists and turns which keep the reader guessing and, while it was refreshing to find the novel steering away from where I thought Morton was leading towards (an ending I would have found very disappointing after enjoying the rest of the book), I felt like I had to stretch my imagination to be really convinced by the solved mystery. The contrast between past and present, together with the characterisation and the vivid settings Morton creates in the reader’s mind, bring this book to life. The website, as it seems, is entirely dedicated to this fan-made universe of Sirius Black and those he interacts with. However, with the beginning of the video, it was made clear that Rowling, nor anyone else associated with Harry Potter, had absolutely nothing to do with this. Although there were parts I disliked, it is easy for viewers to tell how much hard work and dedication was put into this tribute to J.K. Study questions for books previously taught in young adult literature and in children's literature. I wonder if the writer simply wished to indulge themselves by constructing a five-hundred page tome, filling it every little detail, and leaving nothing for the reader to discover for themselves.
Set predominately in England in the present day and during the London Blitz in World War II, Morton seamlessly weaves together past and present, keeping the reader guessing the whole way through the novel. I usually struggle with books which jump back and forth between different time periods, but Morton immerses the reader in the 1940s without self-consciously alluding to the fact that it is the 1940s. It is easy to forget for pages at a time that Laurel is one of England’s most famous actresses, and so it should be.
There is no such thing as perfection, but are there some things you keep from those you love, in order to protect them? The series only has one episode going so far, which is about eleven minutes long and was released to YouTube July 14th. Still though, I thought I should give it a fair chance, seeing as I am a large Harry Potter fan myself.
From what I understand most of the characters in this first video were fictitious, as their names do not seem to strike familiar to me, but either way, I feel there should have been some way to tell who was who.
I often pick up books and think to myself that the story could have been written in half the number of words, and be so much better for it.

The details of the time period come through in the narrative, rather than long passages which explain to the reader how things were back then. The intrigue in this story is not Laurel’s occupation; it is the mystery which envelops her family. While Morton did explain the reasoning behind the way this particular character acted, the explanation felt more like a convenient solution than a logical explanation. Perhaps there should have been a photo of each cast member with their character's name alongside it. I have taken a video class for two years straight, so I understand how it can be difficult to make a believing scene such as that, but I do feel like there should have been something more. I encourage other Harry Potter fans to give the website and video a look if interested, as I do not think anyone will regret it, and spread the word to other fans who might want to check it out as well. Yet it is clear from the beginning of The Secret Keeper that Kate Morton hasn’t expelled unnecessary words onto the page. This novel cleverly explores the past and complicated relationships which shape and mould someone’s future self, and explores how much of your past self you should leave behind, and how much you should take with you into the present. Somehow I think there should have been some way for the viewers to become familiarized with who plays who. The special effects for the wands, though, were brilliant, as were all the other special effects used. At over five-hundred pages, it’s a big book, but with such an ambitious and captivating story, it’s a credit to the author that she didn’t exceed one thousand pages in crafting it. Those who made this video did a wonderful job of sticking close to the details used in the Harry Potter movies. 1961: on a sweltering summer’s day, while her family picnics by the stream on their suffolk farm, sixteen-year-old laurel hides out in her.

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