WordPress is a free and open source blog publishing application and content management system.
Using the open source WordPress software, you can create a static as well as dynamic website using WordPress. Replace the underlined info with your database name, database user name and database password(that you previously noted down). If you do not have cpanel and hence fantastico and you even do not have the FTP with your hosting account, then you must think of moving your website or blog to some other good web hosting provider. This entry was posted in Blogging and tagged Automatic, database, Fantastico, FTP, Installation, Manual, privilage, Setup, webhost, wordpress on August 9, 2009 by Satish.
Read previous post:5 Freebies Up For GrabThese are some of the free resources from most credible people. On the other side if you find a wonderful website that deserves to be linked on our website because you think it can inspire other people than send us that link. They think that, they do not have any programing knowledge, so they can’t build and maintain a blog. So at first place, you must have purchased a web hosting account with FTP, database access or cpanel with Fantastico [Don’t worry of these terms now, you can contact us for any suggestion on choosing a hosting provider].

We have seen college websites, company sites, government websites to popular blogs built using WordPress. Create a database for WordPress on your web server, as well as a MySQL user who has all privileges for accessing and modifying it. Open wp-config.php in your favorite text editor and fill in your database details that you noted down while creating the database(in step 2).
Save wp-config.php and upload all the unzipped WordPress files to either root directory or the directory of your choice. Follow the simple steps, enter your blog name, URL and email ID etc and complete the installation. You can always send a support ticket to your hosting company and most of the time, they can help you with this. That’s a total comprehensive approach to install wordpress and thanks for posting in detail. Fantastico is a program that runs with the popular online web hosting control panel a€?Cpanela€? to offer web hosting users the choice to install popular scripts within some clicks.
Generally it is for the non technical user, but it also found huge interest from more & more geek users who want not to waste time on manually configuring many installation files to install a script on their hosting space.

Web Hosts have to license the software per server, but that license fee has shown to be a great investment for them.
User depends on the hosting provider as well as on the creators of Fantastico to update their scripts regularly.
That was right some years ago, but with WordPress its all made easy, to setup and maintain.
We recommend you to install your blog in the root, if you’re main focus is on the blog. Fantastico is good option if you want to install something like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Xoop, PHPbb, Wiki, Zen photos or any other CMS. You may feel uncomfortable in the beginning, but it will be walk in the breeze experience, after you are used to it.

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