SBS has had a number of dramas with truly beautiful cinematography in the past year — Bad Guy, Dr. At the department store shoot, Joo-won calmly sets the director down and proclaims himself Ra-im’s fan, shocking everyone in the vicinity.
Joo-won treats the entire crew to lunch at the store’s restaurant, while Ra-im sits in stunned silence, not quite sure what to think of all this. Joo-won has set aside another lavish spread, explaining that he’d asked her friend (the hilarious Ah-young) what she liked, only to be told that with Ra-im, quantity is more important than quality.
Joo-won supposes that the truth of his status makes things look different now — he looks more handsome, more important. She arrives at the restaurant only to find it now empty, and reaches for a leftover bowl of rice. As predicted, as soon as she gets back to the set, a buddy compliments her connections and the great lunch. Oska gets an upset call from his manager about a situation at the LOEL department store — a poster advertises a campaign promising a prize trip with Oska. Unruffled, Joo-won tells his cousin to relax, because he’ll wind up doing the promotion in the end anyway. Oska doesn’t seem to be a bad-tempered diva sort, but his capricious nature makes him a demanding client to manage. Jong-soo takes issue to Joo-won buying everyone lunch and warns him not to mess with Ra-im, because she’s well on her way to success and is talented at her job. Seul calls in a favor to a friend to find out which director is attached the MV, then brightens when Joo-won drives in.
Ra-im trudges to the bus stop, where she’s greeted by a large poster of Jeon Do-yeon in a cosmetics ad. Joo-won shows up at the action school — wearing yet another piece of sartorial art in a sequined leopard-print tracksuit. She’s only too happy to pay him off quickly and get rid of him for good, but she only has 3,000 won in her wallet and offers to pay the rest later. Ra-im directs the stunt team in exercises, but Joo-won purposely refuses the help of another stuntman just so he can complain to Ra-im about needing a foot-holder. He teases her by commenting on her prettiness, and she kicks him in retaliation and storms out.
His manager has tracked down the club singer kid, named Tae-sun, but getting him onboard Oska’s scheme is proving difficult. Oska finds the prospect of being unrecognized a personal affront and, calling the kid, tries to prove his identity by singing one of his pop hits.
The thing is, while that obnoxious behavior is tolerated when Joo-won does it because of his position, on anyone else it’s just plain obnoxious, and Ah-young is not impressed. However, as soon as she steps outside, she’s greeted with guys holding sparklers and cheering, celebrating her five years of employment. Now Secretary Kim greets her with a sweet smile, congratulating her on her five years, and Ah-young reconsiders.
Meanwhile, at home, Ra-im keeps checking her phone — true to his word, Joo-won stops texting her, and she seems disappointed.
Notably, she’s wearing a neckerchief, which is cute because Ah-young had been wearing one for her date. Ra-im offers to buy him a beer, her tone hesitantly friendly as she concedes that she’s sorry for a few things.
All her good humor now gone and thoroughly insulted, Ra-im slaps the money on the table and leaves. Ra-im walks out of the club just as Oska arrives, all worked up over the punk of a musician who won’t deign to acknowledge his celebrity.
After hearing that the musician Tae-sun has left the club, Oska walks with Ra-im and urges her to cheer up.

Oska guesses that she must have a really good bit of dirt on Joo-won — some weakness that puts him at a disadvantage. Oska’s smile fades to hear Hee-won say that Joo-won went on a blind date with Seul, though the rumor is that she dumped him instead of the other way around. Both cousins are therefore in dour moods that night, and walk along outside the house drinking beer.
Oska points out that Joo-won’s hardly going to marry a stuntwoman, so he ought to just enjoy himself without all this complicated question-asking. Joo-won, unsurprisingly, can’t get Ra-im out of his mind and sinks into a pensive sulk. Ra-im receives a phone call informing her that she won some giveaway at the LOEL department store.
All the while, Joo-won sits just outside her National Geographic apartment in his car, as though he might be expecting her call.
Both stop in their tracks and stare at each other — she a bit shocked and uncertain, he still frustrated. Considering how the body-switching premise was one of the big promotional points of this drama, I would have expected them to spring it on us a lot quicker — if not in the first episode, then surely the second.
So it’s with pleasant surprise that I watch the story unfold here, even though we have not so much as a hint as to how the switch happens, nor is there a fantasy element preparing the stage for such an event. For instance, I love that Joo-won wants to help Ra-im, but is just incredibly ill-equipped to do so. Prior to sitting down to watch episode 3, I was wondering whether I found this drama as absorbing and emotionally engaging as say, a Lee Kyung-hee tearjerker (which I adore), the answer was a no.
Subscribe to HanCinema Pure to remove ads from the website (not for episode and movie videos) for US$2.99 per month (you can cancel anytime). The first step is to be a member, please click here : Sign up, then a subscribe button will show up. Secret Garden episode 3 was already running, but I still remembered the scene which I thought was the best scene in that episode, I call it the sexy-sit ups-scene. And two tumbs up for Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin, because I thought the scene was a success since their expression did tell us many things. Kdramachoa is a blog owned by childhood best friends Rizz and Blossom, about liking Korean drama, music, and movie. Champ, Will It Snow For Christmas, Jejoongwon — and now we can add Secret Garden to that list. It’s tantamount to a frank declaration of interest, and who doesn’t love juicy behind-the-scenes drama? Even the director kisses up to her, excusing her from work and ordering Chae-rin to do her own stunt.
Oska huffs and puffs in protest, and he tells his team to move his music video shoot (so as to conflict with the promotion). Today he decides, based on an exaggerated article in the news, that he would like to take on the position of cultivating new talent.
Joo-won is like a curious little boy, asking, “Have you ever been hit by her… but liked it?
He rejects her proposal to be their MV director (saying they’ve gotten someone else), and tells her not to come by anymore. He announces that he’s not here to see Ra-im, but merely to collect what is owed him. Naturally he can’t let her off so easily and pokes at her a bit more, till she storms off in a huff. Irritated, she grabs his legs to shut him up, and he proceeds with some hilariously wimpy neck-raises. He demonstrates what he means by doing a proper sit-up, which brings them face-to-face in alarming proximity.

Warning him that she’s pretty pissed off, she asks if he likes her — is that why he keeps showing up? Why me?” After all, all she does is hang up on him, get angry at him when he buys her food, and hit him. I was picturing him as a Bae Yong-joon type or, to be closer to the Hallyu-singer-in-Japan mold, a Ryu Shi-won or Park Yong-ha (RIP). First off, Tae-sun doesn’t even know who Oska is, nor does he care about celebrities. Ra-im had found it odd, but Ah-young had replied that guys like when you hide a bit of skin.
He asks in a hard tone, could it really be that he had been excited all day about his 2,000 won excuse, all for a woman who can’t even afford her own bag? That must be why he’s going around talking about her all the time, which is a declaration that surprises her.
Tired of waiting, he gets out and heads to the door where he raises his hand to knock (wrapping his oh-so-fastidious hand into a handkerchief first, so as not to dirty it).
Goodness knows that an American TV show would have pushed hard to get it into the first ten minutes, so convinced are U.S. I realized right after I posted this comment that a simple google search was all I needed to do. The tearjerker fix can be sought out elsewhere, easily, I will watch SG purely on its own accord… The chemistry, the chemistry! And I remember when first I watched that scene, I felt my face blushing … this scene was very sexy, better than kissing. We would like to share information, opinions and many things about Kdrama with people out there.
Joo-won excuses himself, heading inside with his perturbed thoughts, particularly aggravated by the sight of Ra-im’s 40,000 won. Reciting the adage that rich people are the stingiest, he presents her with her hospital bill for 45,000 won. Ra-im finds their closeness uncomfortable and drops her eyes self-consciously, while Joo-won enjoys looking straight at her every time he completes one. But Joo-won wonders if she’s hurt herself or something, so she pulls it off self-consciously. Oska grabs her bag to keep her from leaving, and the broken strap snaps — which only further angers Joo-won. In fact, I like that we’re spending so much time on these characters pre-switch so that when we eventually get there, things will have stakes and real emotional consequences. To make her rejection clear, Ra-im slaps down four bills onto the table (40,000 won, or just under $40). Do you think all the dining tables in the world are set with flowers, candles, and wine?” She warns him to stay away from her.
Oska doesn’t have the same reaction and even compliments her for her resourcefulness, but her nerves are already rubbed raw and looks at Joo-won uneasily. You’d think that the idea would anger her, but her opinion is slowly starting to change, and she asks Ah-young if she can borrow her purse tomorrow. His face was very close to Ra Im’s (even I thought they would be kissing), and Joo Won did that several times. It’s payment for this meal and her hospital bill, so they can put a neat end to their association. Someone pls teach me korean so i wont have to rely on subs, even though i love subs and the people who put their time and effort into it.

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