The drama "Secret Garden" happily ended with Joo-won (Hyeon Bin) and Gil La-im (Ha Ji-won) getting married and having three children 5 years later. Oska (Yoon Sang-hyeon) and Yoon Seul (Kim Sa-rang), who had 6 years of love and 4 years apart, also confirmed their love for one another.
However, disappointingly there was a slight error in the supposed-to-be happy drama's last episode.
The accident happened at the scene where Yoon Seul is sitting as an audience at Oska's concert.
After the episode, viewers posted on portal sites, " that was an audio incident wasn't it?", "It was the ending so it was quite disappointing", "I was surprised but I guess I wasn't the only one who heard it".
Older : "Secret Garden" Gil La-im's rooftop 300 thousand won rent, writer Kim Eun-sook's story? Subscribe to HanCinema Pure to remove ads from the website (not for episode and movie videos) for US$2.99 per month (you can cancel anytime). The first step is to be a member, please click here : Sign up, then a subscribe button will show up. The series cast includes Shailene Woodley, Ken Baumann, Greg Finley, Daren Kagasoff, Megan Park, Francia Raisa, Michael Grant, Cierra Ramirez with Steve Schirripa. The 3rd Annual MyIGN Secret Santa came to a close and the my Super Secret Santa Gamerguy523 got me something great: a gift card! Thank you so much for organizing this for a third year in a row and happy holidays to y'all!!! What I can tell you however is this: No internet besides an hour or so at the local pub makes me realize how much my friends shifted from local to "the internet", not so much because I'm in chat rooms or on Skype or something, but mostly because I'm on the road so much.
I am incredibly fortunate to have people in my life that like what I do and that I can encourage to excel as well. I believe in us overcoming the anxiety that makes one of the boundaries to succeed at becoming the one thing that matters in life: being happy. Having rediscovered a happiness in my life last year I can run even faster at the unknowns of the future. I'm currently in the South of France in a tiny town called Beziers, baking bread and making pastry. It is the job that makes me dirty the most that makes me feel the most accomplished when its done. My impact on the world, out there for me to see.
Between getting my culinary education with classics and soon with artisan bread I use my two months off to travel around and teach my friends to make delectable treats.
Like so many I'll be going to PAX in Seattle end of the month and will not only have the opportunity to ride along the coast but also will be renting a house with fellow MyIGNers and will broadcast the making and results of the ensuing cooking concoctions. Looking for a new pastime I was invited to join an archery range for the first time in Queens today and must say it was quite enjoyable. On the way there I’ve had one of the best pastrami sandwiches at none other than the ‘Supreme Deli’. After roughly three hours my shoulders were sour, but after removing all the fru-fra like sights and hand guard I was pleased with the results of my final shots. Until then I’m travelling to exciting places like Beacon, Buffalo, Seattle, San Francisco and the remotest parts of Long Island. My Secret Santa got me Killing Floor, a lovely game for PC that now even has a Christmas theme!
By now you might've noticed that food is kind of a passion of mine and I'm happy to share this with you.

Cut out circles from the puff pastry using a big glass or cookie cutter big enough so they fit nicely in a muffin tin. Temper the yolks to prevent curdling by putting a spoon or two of the pudding onto them before dumping all the yolks in the saucepan. To make pralines later on, pillage your pantry and get some banana chips, nuts, more chocolate or whatever you can imagine to cover with chocolaty goodness. If you've got ideas for things you'd like to see prepared from a sophisticated European, go ahead and write in! I'm back, let's cut to the chase: You could go for something sweet, cream-filled, covered by chocolate delicacies right now, couldn't you? In an attempt to save the universe by re-establishing balance, I decided to make my first Vlog as a response to panditty's wonderful post from yesterday. As a European, I'm two things: Able to pay with money that looks like it comes straight from Monopoly and a hopeless romantic. Roughly 12 hours from now one of the biggest events Britain has ever seen since Top Gear and Dr.
So as I was coming into work yesterday I noticed a cart with boxes from the patisserie hidden well hidden from anyone else but me and my colleague.
You see, it just took this wonderfully cheesy piece of chocolate-covered decadence to win my heart for the Royals. Make (yes, make!) espresso in the evening, let it cool down and pour it into an ice cube tray. This recipe is boiled down to a minimum, as I don't care for syrups or sugar in my coffee, but you can adapt it any way you like. Due to my new job, personal problems like nervous breakdowns, nightmares and stress (all part of a devious plan to make me seem more human) kept me from enjoying cooking for myself and others. Last Sunday, after being sent to the wine cellar by the head of human resources to prevent further misery, I gave it another try and regained confidence. In case you wonder what I've made: Milk Rice Pancakes with sliced apples, physalis and a caramel rum sauce. But really, I was in the mood for one and picked the instructions from this recipe but left out the float. Once I've got some time off on a weekend, there will be a decent show about it, so far I thank everone who stopped by. MyIGN user Rabidgummibear felt inclined to join me once again, for which I'm truly thankful. In the upcoming episode of "The Last Man on Earth," eager fans will learn what Todd (Mel Rodriguez) has hidden in the garage. Though the description of the garage's contents remains somewhat mysterious, it may have something to do with Phil's (Will Forte) brother Mike (Jason Sudeikis). Mike, who is an astronaut sent into space before the apocalypse began, has been stranded in his space station.
In the last episode, according to Vulture, Phil was incarcerated by his fellow compound dwellers, but ended up out-punishing them by imposing an even stricter sentence upon himself. Only in the final moments of the episode did viewers learn that Todd has a secret hiding in his garage, despite claims by his lover Melissa (January Jones) that he is a good man, who simply acts weirdly. A Department of Health and Human Services study found 22,798 unaccompanied children were housed with parents, aunts, uncles, or other close relatives between September 2015 and February 2016, nearly equaling the total of the previous 12-month period.
WATCH: Barcelona Wins La Liga Title With Suarez Hat-Trick, But Whata€™s Next for Messi and Company?

Like she showed her frustration in the past, she confessed her love for Oska on a sketch book. She blames an early exposure to The X-Files and the Must See TV era of NBC for her twin life-long loves of sci-fi and sitcoms. My mother was a dog breeder (Boxers) and my grandmother raised carps and had apple and plum trees lined up along the lakes. Practicing traditional techniques (I don’t really like electric tools since an unfortunate encounter with a table saw) and having direct feedback of what I do while getting my hands as dirty as necessary.
As a man of both worlds I believe to take more out of life by doing things myself and teaching people to do it as well or better. While sharing a house with fellow MyIGNers I will be cooking up a plethora of noms to prevent my people from eating expo pretzels or hot dogs all day. Who came back will fill our lives with rainbows and unicorns as two people are getting married.
Struck by sudden joy (the best one), a bit of smooth-talking and one piece was mine, I'm the first one to have it! By the time you're done taking a shower and show how much you really love your better half by telling them what you're doing, put your espresso ice cubes and a bit of milk in your coffee.
I was shocked after cooking for a dear friend, yet not feeling any emotional attachment to the food prepared, so I've stopped it for a while. I now also firmly believe that this (cooking) should be kept for me as a hobby, not as a profession and shared with the people I care about (yes, this includes you, too). Though he can look down on the events taking place on Earth, it seems he has no way of getting home. However, when this happened, the sound of a staff saying "the second sketchbook" was heard repeatedly. Most of those things I cannot talk about but I can do my best that they are never repeated somewhere else. My shoes were either rubber or leather boots and by the end of the day crusted with mud and freshly cut grass. Living in the countryside, maybe even a farm at some point again while having this, the internet, as my ‘city life’.
If you're extra fancy, you put it all in a cocktail shaker and strain it into a wine glass. This week, in between ongoing Minecraft adventures on Tinychat, we've briefly ventured into the world of the egg. Here's a hint: I slept too long and let the Meringue in the oven for too long and was so ashamed that I ate it before taking a picture.
A time in which a kid could take apart a lawnmower, prune trees and chop firewood without people looking at you funny.
Besides, it's the only connection to the outside world, me being in a wine cellar that can act as a bunker and all).

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