I am always on the lookout for gardening tips and cheats because, well, I'm awful at gardening.
I live in Cleveland, Ohio and back up to a golf course that has closed after 100 years of being in business due to the economy.
I used it on my flagging lawn last year, every few weeks, and it revived it and kept it green. I have a private company called Top Turf(Lawn Manangement Company) treating my yard every other month with fertilizer, lime, weed control and so on. I bought a Miracle grow sprayer, it is about quart sized I think and comes with fertilizer packet, its by all the other fertilizer, it is just a container that you can attach to your hose, that has a sprayer. I just keep looking at it and when the stuff becomes clear, and I cant smell it anymore, then I know i am done or need to change it.
I don't know if there is an exact science to this, I have been doing this for about 10 years now.
I have the Lawn Care recipe, you know, the one with pop, beer, dish soap, ammonia, and mouthwash, and know water.
The recipe is 36 ounces of tonic to ten gallons of water, which works out to about 3.6 ounces per gallon. Also, if you applied this stuff every three weeks over the growing season, you would end up spending about $20 per month in "chemicals" which is about $80 for the year. If you get a nice organic fert, you will only need to apply it three times per year and the total would be about $60.
Hello there, I am currently building a new house and you can imagine what the yard looks like after construction.
Secret Service investigates the flying of an unmanned aerial vehicle at the presidential residence. Aerate your lawn before adding Our premium Organic Top Dress ( great for your lawn) to help promote lush growth. TOP TIP Do Not apply round up to your lawn to kill the weeds as this will destroy your lawn….
If you would like to know more, or need advice on the best product for your lawn, please contact us and we will be happy to help. What an enjoyable day I had visiting the nursery a couple of weeks ago, wandering around looking at the plants and chatting to both of your birds. We called in to Wyee Nursery while on a road trip and it was a great place to get some inspiration for our Lanscape Designs. My local news station airs this one every year, and it has always worked wonders for my lawn. My lawn is already starting to awaken from its winter hibernation here in Colorado, and it won't be long before the scorching sun will turn the neighbors' new green growth into brown, dry thatch.
My original recipe was different, one bottle beer, and then using the beer bottle, add one bottle dishsoap, one bottle mouthwash and one bottle of ammonia, this gave you quite a bit so I stored it in a milk jug, it was also minus the soda, but I will definately have to try it with. I live in chicago and the summer has been mild with temps in the 80's and cool nights and fairly dry.
Secret Service sprang into action and apprehended a trespasser at the White House — a toddler who squeezed through a fence and ended up on the lawn. We cut the corner off the bag, walk in a straight line swinging the bag back and forth and shaking or tilting as needed, and then use a stiff push broom to even out the zig zag pattern of Natures Blend. Come on in and anyone here can talk to you about it, but I will say try to loosen the soil post-construction, and just before sodding, spread Milorganite, it seems to really help the new sod take off. This recipe can be modified slightly for other less dry climates, but for areas like Colorado it works wonders.
The solution is mixed with water as it sprays out, automatically diluting it, and should give you enough for 10 gallons of the diluted mixture.

When the end sprayer bottle is empty you have just sprayed 10 gallons of mixture on your lawn! I love that this is a "natural" way to control insects and grubs I just wish it would keep my lawn green. A what are the ABC's Karen Travers who's in Washington Karen what is the latest on this this happened in the early morning hours right.
One bag covers 50 square feet of a healthy lawn, or if it’s struggling use one bag per 25sqft.
You and good afternoon down lot of criticism right now aimed at the Secret Service saying this is just another failure in what has now become a long list of failures in security breaches at the White House but the question into the technical details of what he's congressman say that the Secret Service could actually do so far they're not a lot of good answers on that.
Right now there are reports that the person who the operator of this drone has come forward. Nature’s Blend provides protection against temperature and moisture extremes too, so your lawn has the best chance of surviving the winter and emerging in spring. And says he was not up to anything sinister he was just out flying his drone but Dan he said it was early morning 3 AM. They're up pelting rain and sleet this morning uniform Secret Service officers carefully walked the White House grounds. The Secret Service says that at approximately 308 AM one of their officers heard and saw a lot copter device commercially available drone. It was about two feet in diameter agencies said flying at a very low altitude before crashing on the southeast side of the White House complex.
Immediately the White House grounds winning to walk down note Secret Service and emergency personnel flooded the scene into the device was examined and cleared.
The early indications are that it does not pose any sort of ongoing threat right now to anybody at the White House.
The president and First Lady were not at the White House at the time they're traveling overseas in India but there are many questions where did the drone come from. Just last week in what may be a first for congress a twelve demonstration during a house hearing looking at research and development of these unmanned aircraft we had to get permission to fly a drone in the committee room as well also. There are currently no federal regulations on these types of unmanned aircraft the FAA was supposed to issue those rules by the end of last year but that was delayed.
And you can be sure that because of this incident overnight at the White House the calls will grow the government to take some action. And arts appears of the Secret Service is check in this any other agencies getting involved. It depends on what the Secret Service fines if they were to find that the person who was operating his room was doing so knowingly by the White House trying to get that drone on to the White House grounds. Then of course you can bring in the FBI and whether or not that drone camera on it or anything else that could raises to a more criminal thing and pistols to be determined fan who who. And as if we're not to the president for Saudi air overseas in India what about the first daughters were they home at the time. It's expected that they were they did not go on that trip and remember the White House doesn't comment specifically on the Leon's ashes travel plans or schedule they say they have private lives and their private citizens but.
They did say that they were not gonna go on this trip because they had to be back in Washington for schools so.
You can expect that they were heading to school today certainly the White House but no official comment yet. ABC's Terry terrorism watched and Karen thank you for that a wanna go to the White House now where our Mary person standing by the north lawn and Mary where exactly kind of in proportion to where you're standing was this brown found.
Vidro we know crashed into the ground on the south east side of the White House actually on the opposite corner from where we're standing now in dance.
Some way to detect and prevent these unmanned aircraft from being able to pose a threat to the White House.

But we just don't know what that looks like or what options they are considering but clearly the time is coming they're going to have to put forth. This struck crying it's it's a matter of not only obviously protecting and preventing this from happening in the future but also responding to it as well.
Have we heard anything about what this officer did then once they actually hurt this quad copter. We do know that that an agent at least sends to the drone maybe in the area you know on some people look at question well why didn't they just shoot it down. At drones entering the airspace above the White House because keep in mind we are in the middle of very busy Washington the streets right around the White House are full of people many of them tourists so. A very practical or realistic way to respond in an and that's an it lot of discussion is happening in Washington right now because.
The head of that committee Republican Jason shape it's in fact that this today about this anybody can go to the RadioShack and bought what is it could be a guy down by the river in his van. Also Florida representative John Mica telling ABC news today you could put light explosives on a drone. And they could do an incredible amount of damage now at the White House put the capital and other government facilities. The agency is certainly under a lot of pressure tests show that they are able to tackle these growing concerns keep in mind. This comes and at the tail end of a string of several embarrassing incidents for the agency.
Ranging from that the prostitution scandal several years ago today to the fence jumper here was able to get.
Deep inside the residence so they're a lot of red flags that the agency recently they are under a tremendous amount of pressure to show that they can respond to this new threat. As far as we know this is the first and that a drone is actually gotten into the White House complex but. This is not a new problem in this area can't keep in mind the White House there's a three mile no fly zone above the White House.
Where drones have been seen in this air space now most of those instances where where tourists or local residents just out of one of the nearby parks.
Sight around here but this is again the first time that we think that one of those drones has been able to get inside the White House complex. So I guess and to put a finer point than even if FAA regulations were in place and it wouldn't necessarily have any kind of an impact because there is organs no fly zone right. Yes in theory they're not supposed to be in any of this air space to begin with but it mind this problem just at the White House there have been hundreds of instances across the country. Where did these drones I have posed some kind of problem to other commercial air space in some cases medical helicopters buzzing them getting too close. There's a lot of pressure for the FAA to act and that's one of the reasons why I think now particulars you're gonna see increased calls for them to go ahead and put out some kind of ruling some kind of regulation.
Should operate totally new space ABC's Mary Bruce outside the White House Mary thank you for that.
You can keep up with this story in real time by downloading ABC news start a story for exclusive updates on the go for now.

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