No side-scrolling Mario game could be quite complete without devious Secret Exits (Red Flags) planted amidst the world. Note: If you are missing one Secret Exit, it's probably the one in Rock Candy Mines-5 Walking Piranha Plants. Towards the end of the level, at the end of several pillars rising up out of the water there will be a solitary block against one pillar. Instead of taking the pipe at the top to leave the underwater ruins, wait for a statue to move over to the left.
Near the end of Rock Candy Mines-5 is a series of moving platforms with a pair of walking piranha plants on each. When you first start climbing the tower there will be a moving green pipe on the left wall. Texto original: Wii U podria recibir otro juego exclusivo de Nintendo que no seria ni Zelda para Wii U, ni Super Mario Maker, ni StarFox… ?o quizas se tratara del primer titulo para Nintendo Next (NX), la sucesora de Wii U? Vayamos por partes: Shigeru Miyamoto, mitico desarrollador de Nintendo, ha confirmado en exclusiva para el portal Eurogamer que Pikmin 4 no solo esta en desarrollo sino que ademas “nos queda muy poco para terminarlo”.
Nintendo ha confirmado la informacion de Miyamoto: “Podemos confirmar que Pikmin 4 esta en desarrollo pero es lo unico que podemos decir ahora mismo”. No sabemos si decir si se trata de una buena noticia para Wii U ya que Nintendo no ha confirmado plataformas en ningun momento: podria ser un juego para Wii U o bien podria tratarse de uno de los titulos de lanzamiento para NX. Por otra parte te recordamos que existe unas nuevas declaraciones de Nintendo que indican que el proximo juego de Mario saldra para Nintendo Next o NX y no para Wii U. Secret Level te ofrece pildorillas de informacion (novedades, rumores, curiosidades…) sobre aquello que mas buscas. Utilizamos nuestras propias cookies y de terceros para mejorar nuestros servicios y su experiencia. Choose a level below or in the navigation tabs on the left to reveal its Star Coins, Secret Goals, strategies and more.

World 4, also known as Frosted Glacier, is your standard Ice Zone complete with snowy outdoor levels filled with slippery ice slicks, underground crystaline caverns with pointy icicles, and a few new surprises to boot! From here you can jump up and over the rock ceiling, allowing you to run above the ceiling level - reminiscent of early mario secret areas. In the room with the long platform the moves upward when you jump - all the way to the door at the top tothe regular exit, there is a secret. In the main room, take the door on the left and start making your waythrough the house until you get to an area where the floor keeps rising.
When you collect the final coin, look below you to a slanted pipe floating in the water next to a red pipe. Jump on to the pipe and move left to find a hidden area with a block holding a mini mushroom.
After clearing the top floors of the house, go back to the middle floor, and use the trampoline on the far left to jump up and find a secret door. As you near the end, several coins will be block platforms, leading to a platform just under a pipe.
La entrevista tuvo lugar el pasado mes de julio pero Eurogamer ha preferido publicar la informacion ahora. Mediante ellas personalizamos anuncios, proporcionamos funciones de las redes sociales y analizamos nuestro trafico. Dotting the world map are several pipes where the shade wearing penguins - Cooligans - race back forth across your path.
Every level has 3 star coins, ranging from right in your path to cleverly hidden among the scenery. Unlock them, and you not only find your way to a Hidden Level, but even shortcuts that span between worlds will be yours.
This page collects the Secret Exit locations along with a walkthrough and video for how to find each one.

This area alone has many coins, but the secret exit comes from jumping up yet again, using a blue rock crystal to propel you over a second ceiling. When it gets to the top - do not take the door, instead wait for it to reach the ceiling and stay to the left to find a secret area with another door.
Land on the slanted pipe and walk under the platform to find a hidden area that will lead you to a pipe. Quickly jump on to the platform and through the pipe before time runs out to reach the Secret Exit. Tambien compartimos informacion sobre la manera en que usa nuestro sitio con nuestros socios de redes sociales, publicidad y analisis. A skilled player can bolt across when the time is right, and maybe even nab a free item for their trouble! Levels with Secret Exits have two flagpoles in different locations: one has a regular black flag, while the other has a red Bowser flag that leads to new levels and shortcuts around the world map. And if you are looking to find the elusive Star Road, you'll need every Star Coin from every Hidden Level. If you mange to jump high enough into the ceiling, you will instead find a hidden area with a second door. Drop down in the next area (but be sure to grab a Star Coin on the right after two sets of floors) and leave through the door at the bottom. It may be harder, but right before the end of the level you will spot another mini pipe on the top right.
Levels with Secret Goals have two end flags in different locations, a black "normal" flag and a red Secret Goal flag that leads to shortcuts or Warp Cannons.

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