Recently I had the opportunity to talk to rising star Francia Raisa, who plays bad girl Adrian Lee on ABC Family’s new hit drama Secret Life of the American Teenager.
FRANCIA: I can remember as a freshman, it was about was sex, sex, sex — who got pregnant, who had sex, who’s in a relationship — everything was defined by that. FRANCIA: In the “Cutting Edge” movie I had more of a lead role so it was a lot of hard work. The “Cutting Edge” movie is an ABC Family movie, so will we get to see the movie on the channel now that people will know you from the show? FRANCIA: Yes, both of my movies have been playing on that channel, plus they are available on DVD.
FRANCIA: I would like for my fans to know that my lips are not fake, They are all natural.

Meanwhile, Ashley wants to be home schooled because she doesn't want to be around overly happy and gossipy people anymore. I’ve always had to dress tomboy-ish in the past, and this time I can dress sexy, so it’s fun. It’s weird though because sometimes I will think they are staring at me and I will wonder why they are staring.
He goes to get tested and runs into his foster mother who works at the clinic and she tells him she‘s there for him no matter what happens. He makes you feel comfortable and he’s really good at improv and he let’s you improv with him. Turns out it was from an interview I did on the set of “Cutting Edge.” I don’t even remember really doing the interview because it was between sets.

I got to talk to Josie Bissett while getting my makeup done and she’s really an interesting person. Adrian doesn’t want to be known as a smart person because she doesn’t want Ricky to think she’s a dork. When he returns home his birth mom is at the door having been let out of prison and has a bag filled with her things.

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