This Sunday, as part of their lead-in to Valentine's Day (Tuesday, February 14th, of course!) ABC Family will officially release this special promotional video featuring some of the greatest romantic moments from their prime time soaps. Shailene Woodley shares a kiss with her on-screen fiance Daren Kagasoff in this new still from tonight's The Secret Life of the American Teenager. As planned, Lauren and Madison both went to Berkley, while Henry shuffled off to boot camp.

Tagged: ricky, ricky underwood, amy, amy juergens, ricky and amy, secret life, ramy, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, . Instead, Amy (Shailene Woodley) changed her mind for the millionth time and decided not to marry Ricky (Daren Kagasoff). The final, heartbreaking moment of the episode was the image of Ricky and John sitting together on the couch all alone.

She seemed pretty bummed during their final conversation, but the second he left the room, she started dancing.

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