The imagination of the titular character in THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY, as played by Ben Stiller, is something that can take off at any moment and today we have a look at just how far that can go.
Would your rather see Stiller tackle more films like this or are you still tapping your foot and crossing your arms for Zoolander 2?
If you are crazy about Drama movies with some good action then Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life is one of the best film for you.

In a new extended clip, we see a somber Stiller on the phone with an eHarmony representative (Patton Oswalt) talking about his account when things take a very unexpected turn.
It was my hope that this doesn't turn into some kind of FORREST GUMP rehash as it has shades of that, but this looks to stand on its own imaginative effort. The final product will reveal all, but this clip has further enhanced my desire to check the film out, especially when you get guys jumping through windows in slow motion.

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