Were the instructions easy to follow?  The instructions were easy after I recovered from the first pic regarding using twin needle for stitching edges, then realized it referred to the hemline. Most importantly, for all of you still reading, have met IRL and telephone buddies talking up to 3 hrs about what to sew and so on , THANK YOU for the friendship, inspiration. No pattern was used for this infinity scarf which measures 56" long x 14" wide from a printed slinky knit, which I like to call infinity Jewelry. The pattern has facings for the back and front, but like the first one, opted out of them and made ties by cutting them diagonally, and again went with lengthening the sleeves. I was glad I was able to make the dress for her which she will wear the next time she goes out. Removing the sleeve, I take one of the cuffs and baste stitch it to the fold line of the sleeve, and then place a pin where I want the cuff to end, preferrably a little below my wrist.

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