War Angel comes to Las Vegas, now renamed Sodom, and gets in between two warring supernatural gangs who deal the drug Grace. Set in the crummy under-crust of modern day Detroit, Unholy is the story of Penny, a stoner, rebel, teen who is a non-believer in God. As a fallen angel, she is caught in a shadow war waged on city streets, in plain clothes, between Heaven and Hell. On Colleen MacGrath's wedding night, which will unite two powerful Irish families, they are all slaughtered by Viking hordes. With her new found allies, a dominatrix, an ex-mob hit man and an alcoholic priest, she is dumped into the front lines of the war for salvation.

Life was going along pretty good for Brad and his wife until the day Brad went to the newly opened nursery on the edge of town. Now a year later, the spirit of the Celtic goddess Morrigan possesses Colleen and she wants vengeance!
Into this supernatural wasteland comes War Angel, a cold-hearted killer who shows little remorse or regard for life. Sisters Antoinette and Liza are gypsy thieves who love to trick the townspeople out of their money and their belongings.
But Brad didn't know the nursery hid a deadly secret that would cost hundreds of people their lives.

What started out as an innocent gift turns into a terrifying, relentless nightmare as the Killer Gnomes take protecting gardens to a deadly extreme!

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