Ultimately, she decided to go for it with Jack which really destroyed sex for her because her father died the same night. In the pilot episode, Grace starts wearing a purity ring given to her by her parent's to show that she won't have sex until she is married. After catching Jack with fellow student Adrian, Grace breaks up with him, but they soon get back together. Then Jack ends things with Grace out of jealousy and even claims that he only dated her because his step-father wanted him to.
Grace and Ricky end up dating, but Grace breaks up with him soon after when she discovers that he's been sleeping with Adrian. Grace starts to date Grant, who was previously involved with Ashley Juergens although they broke up because Ashley had a sexual interest in Ricky. She wants to fool around, but he refuses to after Grant's mom threatens . Grace goes to Africa and cheats on her then-boyfriend Grant with a college boy (that she slept with) named Daniel. Grace's mother finds out that Marshall cheated on her with a women in the Vatican and he fathered a boy named Jacob who is only a couple of years younger than Grace.

Grace ultimately skipped med camp that year and decided to move in with her best friend Adrian. When Jack and Grace are on a break, Jack sleeps with Clementine, Ricky's friend from a group foster home they both spent time in.
In the series finale Thank You and Goodbye, Grace and Jack decide to end their engagement, but they stay friends. During the beginning of the first season, Grace wears traditionally pink and wholesome clothing. She thinks she killed her father since before he boarded a plane to Africa they had an argument about Grace having sex with Jack. Ben (Ken Baumann) reveals to Amy that he knows the truth about her marriage to Ricky, which prompts her to want to move up the wedding, but Ricky isn’t sure if Amy even wants to get married. Then, he decides that he loves Grace too much to lose her again, so he goes back to being a Christian which helps his college football team's notoriety. Amy (Shailene Woodley) and Ricky (Kagasoff) fight over Amy’s college plans, but the fight is about much more.

Who is struggling to control his sexual feelings towards Grace, and their shared christian beliefs. She admits to Adrian that she was "curious." They kiss to quell their curiosity which scares Grace and she runs back to Christianity.
She tells Jack that she wants to get together with him, but only in a monogamous relationship. Now the two are starring in Melissa & Joey on ABC Family.Haley Reinhart Discusses Her American Idol Elimination - Haley Reinhart made it to the Top 3 before being eliminated on American Idol. Now, having just finished filming her season of The Bachelorette, she tells reporters she doesn't know how Brad went through the experience twice.

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