ABC Family-serien The Secret Life of the American Teenager har premiere pa sin femte sesong i mars 2013. I folge pressemeldingen fra ABC Family sa vil den siste sesongen inkludere et frieri og et bryllup. Inntil neste sesong sa kan vi se frem til jule-episoden Hedy’s Happy Holiday House, hvor gjengen feirer jul et forlatt leketoy-varehus nar fodselen plutselig settes i gang for Kathy. The Secret Life of the American Teenager er serien som har gatt lengst pa ABC Family og hadde premiere i juni 2008. Pluss trailere til en rekke andre serier fra amerikanske Fox som har premiere i 2016-2017 sesongen.
Hedy’s Happy Holiday House (also known as "The Christmas Miricale" or "It's a Miracle") is the twelfth episode of Season 5 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Ricky calls Ethan and asks him to wear and bring a Santa suit down to Hedy's to play Santa for John. Ben and Chloe return home, and Chloe is told by Leo and Camille, through a scavenger hunt, that her present is in her closet. Meanwhile, George and Kathleen are trying to enjoy Christmas Eve when Anne, Robie, and Mimsy suddenly burst in unannounced. Create a free ShareTV account to make a personalized schedule of your favorite TV shows, keep track of what you've watched, earn points and more. Enter the email address you used to create the account and your password will be emailed to you. Hedy II is the adoptive daughter of Sonya and Jonathan, and biological daughter of Kathy and Don.

Hedy II is the biological daughter of Kathy and Don, the biological granddaughter of Edward and his wife and the biological great granddaughter of Maritza. Fans vil ogsa fa se Amy, Ricky, Ben, Adrian, Grace og Jack legge planer for livene sine etter Grant High School. The Hollywood Reporter skrev i en artikkel at etter sesong 4 episode 14 sa var det totale antallet oppe i 1603. Adrian and Omar wait with her, before telling her of their Christmas plans: Go to Omar's mother's house for dinner, where Adrian's parents are going to be.
When Chloe goes to get ready, Leo tells Ben to keep her out of the house so as him and Camille can decorate her room. Kathleen, wearing a Santa's helper outfit, quickly runs out of the room to change when Anne tells George he is not to bring her to the big Christmas dinner at Amy's apartment. Tired, Amy crosses over to the couch, and sees a pretty, light blue bike illuminated by the Christmas tree lights. When asked what it was besides John, Amy says that it was her first French horn, and how she wanted a light blue bike, but Ashley had gotten one. Adrian, who didn't know this, is angry and demands to know if Omar intends to propose to her. She looks like she's in pain, and reveals that she needs to get to the hospital, as she is in labor. Ben, meanwhile, through a scavenger hunt of his own, is told to go outside, where Henry and Alice pull up in a sleek, new car complete with a Christmas bow. He says he wasn't planning to, and that, therefore, her girlfriend (Nora's sponsor) also isn't invited.

He tells her to call him and leaves,leaving Kathy to hand her over to the adoptive parents.
Grace, after greeting him with a kiss, thanks God as Kathleen calls his parents to tell them to come to the hospital for good news. Her adoptive parents named her Hedy after her adoptive father's Christmas-loving aunt Hedy.
Shocked, Ben is overwhelmed, especially when Leo and Camille separately pull up in the same car, just different colors, for Henry and Alice. She apologizes that things didn't go according to plan, but that she knows they'll be good parents. Ricky then tells her that he and juvie friends would break into a toy store downtown called Hedy's. Clementine tells them about Hedy's, and Adrian says she wants to go, and that they should take Jack. Ben goes up to his dad and says thank you, and Leo explains that, as he is graduating that year, goodness knows where he'll end up, and that he should enjoy his present.
They are stopped by a cop, who tells them to return him to the hospital, and Grace stays behind with him.

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