The parents to baby John have infuriated both Ben and Adrian when Ricky decides to pay Amy a visit in her New York apartment. In New York, in a surprisingly intimate moment, Amy and Ricky discuss their future and if they have a chance of ever being together. A clip shared along with the preview reveals a phone conversation between Ricky and Amy before they meet in New York. I love Adrian and Ricky together but Amy deserves to be happy after all she's been thru, afterall, she really is a good girl.
If you thoughtSECRET'sHyosunglooked fine in herearlier released photosfor 'Cosmopolitan', you ain't seen nothing yet!

Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) gets down on one knee for Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) in this new still from Girl Meets World.
Don’t forget we’ve got a full week of all-new Girl Meets World episodes, so stay tuned for more sneak peeks!
In the next episode called "My Girlfriend's Back", Ben's father decides to throw Ben and his friends a summer party at their house, during which Ashley reveals that Ricky has gone to New York to see Amy, infuriating both Ben and Adrian.
Back at home, Adrian has her first ultrasound in which she and Ben get the first look of their child together.
Ricky tells her how tired he is juggling school, work and John while Amy tells him that she is thinking of staying a couple of days longer.

Diana and friends have been in the dark for the most part, but Shelley tells me it won’t be long before the circle is just as privy to their shenanigans as the audience has been. She looks even better in the released making-video!If anything, her figure looks even better in the video than in her actual photos for the magazine. With this new reality, Ben thinks that marrying Adrian might not be such a bad idea, but are his actions sincere or is the real intention to try and win Amy back?

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