Latest Articles Celebrities Back Petition Against Swedish University’s Experiments on Monkeys Uri Geller, CIA Masterspy? Motivational, inspirational, empowering compelling 'infotainment' which leaves the audience amazed, mesmerized, motivated, enthusiastic, revitalised and with a much improved positive mental attitude, state of mind & self-belief. The supersleuths at upstart interweb newspaper The Griefer Herald believe they have unlocked the secret identity of Second Life Herald managing editrix Pixeleen Mistral. Asked to comment on the story, Urizenus admitted that he was identical with himself, and Pixeleen concurred that Uri was indeed identical with himself.
Could this be proof positive of a conspiracy which Prokofy Neva is only now starting to suspect exists? Breaking News: Second Life is actually a Single player offline game, all 5 something million accounts are my alts. Actually they’re trying to discredit the griefer herald by appearing to call attention to the allegations and making them into a joke.
The SL community was up in arms yesterday at the revelation that Linden Lab is being run by none other than serial-person-impersonators ELIZA and ALICEbot. Circumstantial or not, the case is strong and the response from this Herald seems to point that someone dug too close to something they weren’t supposed to. This article here is the typical Second Life Herald attempt to undercut another site’s article.
I am certain that those allegations are true and frankly, I was ecstatic when SLH decided to publish this article knowing that it would give us even more credibility. There was only THREE people I told that I was going to send my evidence to Prok as well and two of them I told after this article was published. Not knowing any of the parties involved, nor having any real stake in the matter (beyond the ordinary gossip interest of a typical Herald(s) reader), I have no dog in this fight. Assuming it is true that Peter Ludlow’s girlfriend lives in Chicago, it would hardly be surprising that he would be in that great city, especially during a holiday weekend. Second Life is an Existentialist’s paradise and folks who subscribe to other philosophies will spend most of their time scratching their pixilated heads until the prims fall off. Alyx: Codec is basically raging because the chick he had a hardon for turned out to be a guy. So there you have it, dear dear readers: The Herald is nothing more than a Nazi-Jewish conspiracy to hide Griefers in Second Life, with the aim of achieving internet domination!

Notice that while Urizenus has an email address link on the sidebar, Pixeleen doesn’t. It looks circumstantial, but when all the clues point in the same direction, sooner or later you have to ask yourself why. I mean, only if you have no life, but trust me, when you see the world like me, circumstances prove everything.
LOL: this could also mean LL will just ban undesireable avatars, give them 15$ and send em on thier way?
Or is the now 67 year-old UK resident the possessor of genuine paranormal powers, which have not only been tested and verified by the most demanding scientific laboratories in the US, but employed by the US and other western powers in secret operations? So the fact that the comment from Urizenus at GH was posted from Chicago doesn’t appear to be of any significance at all. I was saying that I believe that Ludlow wrote the post and this article AND that he is Pixeleen Mistral based on the writing style and the comment about Prok but you ARE right about the Prok thing.
Anything else is based on experience and supposition (not to be confused with suppository, which is a different thing altogether). I’m going to go out and shop, do some work on the house, finish an article for the SL press, take my GF dancing, and then go to sleep in my primmy bed and log off.
While the pieces may look very clear and obvious, the trouble with circumstantial evidence is it is very easy for other facts to completely overturn your case. I am convinced based on the fact that they have responded and that Uri himself responded in the comments section of the griefer herald article, that someone has pushed a button.
I am CERTAIN that she has seen it too and I know that the Griefer Herald also sent the information to her BEFORE they published their article.
I confronted Ludlow through his Pixeleen gmail account and after being ignored for awhile I told him that I’d be publishing the truth on my site and that I sent prok some info too.
Anyway, It is a holiday weekend so Ludlow might just be at his girlfriend’s apartment (BTW, I have a picture of it courtesy of google maps) or pix could actually be Emma. Anyone wishing to dismiss a story (fairly or unfairly) as a conspiracy theory would very likely bring up Prok. It really doesn’t mean much at all because she is known to be such a conspiracy theorist. The mere fact that Second Life is, by design, a fantasy existence, suggests that trying to work out who is who, and who is an alt is chimerical at best and better left to folks who like to tilt at windmills.

Finding links between X and Y is stunningly easy, but contingency is not correlation and simply listing lots and lots of links still makes the Truth nothing more than an exercise in the fabrication of verisimilitude.
They both work to accomplish virtually the same goals i virtually the same manner, so whether it’s two people or one, the end result is still the same.
I’ve seen some very smart people make themselves look stupid by claiming alt links that turned out to be easily proven false once the charge was clearly made. The fact is, I let myself get too close to that fictional character and this asshole didn’t have the courtesy to warn me except with very vague hints. I have ONLY had direct contact with Ludlow’s Uri account where he actually responded once and he is not on my Googlechat.
It is EXTREMELY likely based on evidence that I have gathered that either Emma Wellman or Peter J. If this is true then I doubt we would ever find any hard evidence, only circumstantial like we’ve had. You present a very good case at the moment, but if it is false, you could be surprised at how quickly it could be overturn.
I have asked around a bit and many people associated with Herald staff that aren’t working for them have said that they had suspicions periodically as well. I fully believe it is Ludlow personally, however, I have acknowledged all of the possibilities. He knows that if he speaks to a person with both identities too often that people would eventually figure him out.
I wanted to know WHY this was done and I received no explanation and I spent about two days trying to get one. But whether Pix is Uri has, in all honesty, zero effect on my Second Life, or indeed anyone else. There will of course be those who are skeptical, SLH staff will have their sock puppets and perhaps make a few posts under their pseudonyms,etc,etc.

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