Based on author James Thurber's fantastical 1939 short tory of the same name, the 2013 big screen rendering of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty features Ben Stiller in the role of the mild-mannered protagonist with incredibly lucid daydreams, and the music that accompanies those reveries reflects the actor's innate quirkiness.
The Gist: An awkward man who works in the photograph division at Life Magazine daydreams about becoming a man good enough to gain the interest of his work crush, all while traveling the world in search of a missing photograph in order to save his job.
It starts with a leisure, unhurried pace taking its time to give its characters life, purpose and reason.
By the second act, the story quickens driven by imaginative fantasy sequences that are enjoyable whilst engaging.

I value films that are creative and ingenious in developing mood and feeling, because I ultimately need to feel something, anything in the theater.
The third and final act returns to a passive pace, but now, you care about these characters, despise the villain and understand what Mitty’s journey is all about.
The days of squandering my time on dissatisfying films that don’t shape me in some way are over.
I need to be affected and in today’s modern cinema, that is something I rarely attain anymore.

The final scene hits a nostalgic sentiment that suggests commitment, loyalty, legacy and a sense of quality and artistry that used to rule the standards of media as the imperative canon. Even though there are fibers of melancholy that run through the veins of the script and the performances, it serves as a great showcase for what Stiller can do best – display a grand sense of susceptibility that one can only, if reluctantly, surrender to.

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