There are a few scary moments in the film, and they maintain a creepy atmosphere throughout. Beyond the aforementioned mediocre acting, there were some serious problems with the pacing.
Of course, you’re probably better off sitting at home, watching a good horror movie in your darkened living room. After a visit to the doctor, she starts to unravel all sorts of mysteries in her life, including the fact that she was a twin, the secret behind her dead mother’s (Carla Gugino) death, and the identity of her long-lost grandmother (Jane Alexander). At first it was interesting; while you wondered what was behind all of these unnerving events, you were at least a bit vested in the film.

But, while totally formulaic, at least it wasn’t a direct rip-off and bastardization of someone else’s perfectly good source material. Soon she unearths the truth about all of the disturbing events in her life, and with the help of her grandmother, best friend (Meagan Good), and boyfriend (Cam Gigandet), she attempts to get rid of the malevolent presence that is haunting her. Most of the acting wasn’t great, but it’s hard to find fault with Gary Oldman and Idris Elba as an old priest and a young priest; I mean, as the rabbi and priest that try to help Casey.
And it wasn’t entirely without disturbing moments, even if most of them came early in the film. All of a sudden there are Nazis, and concentration camps, dybbuks and possessions, crazy people and twin conspiracies… and then I stopped caring.

The pace slowed down, you got your sense of equilibrium, and what started out as unsettling morphed into a mess of formulaic mythology and special-effect-gotcha-moments.

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