In Tink’s latest adventure, she visits the forbidden and mysterious Winter Woods where her wings begin to magically sparkle.
The Boy and I invited one of my friends and her daughter to a special screening of Secret of the Wings in the theater recently and even though Hubby was not thrilled about his boy going to see a fairy movie, we had a great time and loved the movie.
Tinker Bell, everyone’s favorite Disney Fairies character is back this October, in Disney Fairies newest movie, Secret of the Wings! A must-have for all Disney Fairies fans, the 9” Classic Fashion Doll Line brings their favorite fairies to life, including Tinkerbell, Silvermist, Rosetta and new to the collection, Periwinkle and Spike. Girls can truly transform into a Disney Fairy and live out their favorite movie moments with the Disney Fairies Magical Light Up Wings.
While the information in the article below is still true, an updated article has been written which fully explains the question marks.
New addition here are Trap Master Thunderbolt, Fling Kong, and the official image of Blades who I believe is in one of the Adventure Packs. The only newbie here is Trail Blazer and unfortunately, he has already been compared by many to the My Little Pony series. Only new one here is Trap Master Short Cut who I’m looking forward to seeing some gameplay from. While there are many, many trappable Villains, as you’ve seen in the pictures above, there are a select few that have been classified as Super Villains. We’ve already looked at a few question marks on the poster, but here are a few more that bring up some questions.
While this is probably not the final poster that we will receive in the Starter Pack it appears as though not everything will be as clear cut as in the past.
I would also like to note that there seems to be an absence of LightCore figures on this poster.
The undead question mark is Bat Spin, just like the water is Flip Wreck, and the life is High Five.

Can I just say that you’re all wrong saying that there is going to be less reposes, when the trailer clearly says 16 Trap Masters and 18 Cores, not Minis.
There’s a cardboard thing that comes with it specifically for traps, if they put all the traps on the poster, in addition to the figures and villains, it would take up way too much space. Should the stickers that come with the characters be put on the poster that comes with the starter pack or do they go somewhere else? Skylanders and related characters are Registered Trademark and Copyright of Activision Blizzard, Inc.
I am all about the sisterly love and I was pleasantly surprised when I went to a preview of Secret of the Wings recently and found out that Tinkerbell has a sister!! It’s only after she meets Periwinkle, a beautiful Frost Fairy, that she uncovers the truth behind the glow…they are long lost twin sisters! When I heard about the Secret of the Wings toys, I was anxious to get them for my friend's daughter because she is such a fairy princess at heart.
Dressed in fashionable winter fashions, just like the movie, Tink and friends are ready to explore the Winter Woods. Featuring light weight fabric and fiber optic technology, these magical wings light up in six different vibrant colors.
Little girls can insert Tink or Peri into the flower base, pull the string and watch as she soars up to 10 feet high into the sky just like a real fairy! What’s interesting to note though is that there is currently no reposed Earth Skylander. The winner of this contest has not yet been announced so they are not revealing official names yet, but that’s the figure you can expect to see in that slot. Like the Earth Skylanders though, it appears that we do not have a reposed Tech figure this year. This should include one Villain from each of the 8 Elements, Kaos, and then there’s still one empty slot.

I am sad that none of my favorite figures from the previous games are getting reposes though. It would basically negate the purpose of the Kaos Trap which doesn’t seem like something they would do in this game. I guess it is about time they get rid of Spyro, He’s been getting all the attention since the first game. I do hope for more reposes though because there are a few that they could do a lot with, or other hard to find ones that would be nice to have re-released like Boomer.
The stickers were originally made to go on the poster as a way of keeping track of who was in your collection. We are still trying to set up a playdate (ah, life with little ones…) but my boy asks me every day when we get to see Bella and give her the fairy toys.
I am learning how to have fun with my family through Family Fun activities, Crazy Crafts for Kids, and more! They have already told us 39 characters including the unannounced ones on the poster, and since there is 60+ characters then that means that there are still 21+ more characters left and those would be reposes.
I'm also sharing my family's story of weight loss and my own story of depression and anxiety. Also I am wondering how there are 18 cores inside 8 elements, and the math does not add up so those extra question mark boxes to the right must be some more core characters.

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