As the subjects' journeys unfold, viewers will come to understand their stories within the context of a greater social issue. All interview and appearance requests, or other press inquires, should be directed to our Communications team. Participant Media is a leading media company dedicated to entertainment that inspires and compels social change.
THE SECRET LIVES OF DENTISTS is the story of a couple, Dave and Dana Hurst, both dentists, who confront a mid-life crisis. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.
Viewers will meet a single mother who struggles to feed her children each day, lifting the curtain on food insecurity in America; a young professional who shows up to work in a suit every day, but who is homeless and crippled by student loan debt. Founded in 2004 by Jeff Skoll, Participant combines the power of a good story well told with opportunities for viewers to get involved.

THE SECRET LIVES OF DENTISTS eventually makes some moral points, has vague elements of redemptive allegory, and contains superb acting, but it is really not worth wading through the sexual visions and hints of disaster to get to the moral point of the movie. It creates the impression you’re going to see a salacious film and dentists who abuse their patients. Each story will be complemented by archival, documentary and news footage that illustrates the bigger picture in present-day America behind the social issue of focus.
It is the story of a couple, Dave and Dana Hurst, both dentists, who confront a mid-life crisis.Dave seems to be carrying most of the weight of the family, his three little girls, and the dental practice. Participant's digital hub, TakePart, serves millions of socially conscious consumers each month with daily articles, videos and opportunities to take action.
Dave gets one annoying patient who is a trumpet player who makes his life miserable.That night, after Dave drops Dana off to sing in the opera, he returns and runs up to give her a lucky rabbit’s foot.
He not only imagines her in all sorts of sexual situations; he also imagines the trumpet player showing up in his life at odd times to give him advice on his marriage.

This setup leads to an unexpected resolution.Eventually, THE SECRET LIVES OF DENTISTS makes some moral points. It upholds marriage, condemns adultery and even implies that the trumpet player may be the Devil, feeding lies into Dave’s mind. The direction has moments of real brilliance, but at times gets bogged down in its own conceits.

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