The soapy thriller from executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer received an order from the network in June.
Henderson will play Kyle Dunn, a former flight surgeon and astronaut who returns from a long absence to finds something is different about the life he left behind. He joins the previously cast Perrey Reeves (Entourage), who boarded Secret Lives in the role of Danielle in September.
Depuis la mort tres controversee de Lexa dans The 100, la question de la representation des lesbiennes dans les series revient sur le devant de la scene. A la veille du retour de La Fete a la Maison sur Netflix, voici de quoi vous rafraichir la memoire sur la sitcom qui aura marque son temps.
A l’occasion de la diffusion du premier episode de X-Files saison 10 : le Cerveau vous propose le guide de survie du spectateur pour tout comprendre de la mythologie de cette serie culte ! Decouvrez toutes les dates de retour de vos series preferees et de l’arrivee des nouveautes.
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Olivia Luccardi has joined the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced project starring James Tupper and Martin Henderson. The Jerry Bruckheimer-produced drama pilot has added newcomer Olivia Luccardi to the main cast, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

Luccardi, repped by One Entertainment, will guest star in a season two episode of HBO's Girls when it returns Jan. Classic Stepford wives strive to be perfect homemakers in a world of prize-winning pie recipes, PTA meetings, and perfect martinis but, behind closed doors, their marriages are as tarnished as neglected sterling silver.
Each 30-minute episode features the true story of a housewife whose desire to keep up with the Joneses is matched only by her desperation to sweep her wrongdoings under the rug. NBC's soapy pilot, from Jerry Bruckheimer, has cast Martin Henderson (Off the Map) in the lead role. Luccardi will play India Deaver, the angry and uncommunicative daughter of Danielle (Perrey Reeves) and Richard Deaver (James Tupper). Television, Bruckheimer will executive produce alongside Sascha Penn, Jonathan Littman and KristieAnne Reed. In the all-new series SECRET LIVES OF STEPFORD WIVES, Investigation Discovery reveals the dirty laundry of real housewives desperate to cover up their deception, adultery, and greed in order to project a flawless family life.
Lyssa Harper should have warned golden-haired DILF du jour Harry Wilder what he was getting into when she invited him to meet the mommies who run their suburban, gated community.
Based on the Josie Brown book of the same name, the pilot is described as thriller and dramatic soap about the lingering aftermath of a murder. In the picket-fenced home where they raise their 2.5 children, they giggle demurely at their husbands' jokes and refresh cocktails like clockwork.

Sascha Penn is writing the pilot, with Jonathan Littman, KristieAnne Reed and Penn all serving as EPs alongside Bruckheimer.
If these ladies who lunch weren't impeccably dressed in the latest styles from Valentino, you'd think they stepped out of a time machine from 1958. Since meeting the former Master-of-the-Universe turned stay-at-home single dad, Lyssa has been his domestic Sherpa, teaching him the ins and outs of suburban life.
They appear the picture of absolute perfection, but when the sugary fa?ade begins to crack, down come the walls of their country club fairytales. She just didn’t realize her friends would show up at his house unannounced with casseroles, leopard-print bikini briefs, and plans to rearrange his kitchen cabinets. The truth is, if Harry and his wife, the neighborhood’s "perfect couple," can call it quits, what does that mean for everyone else? Lyssa’s husband, Ted, is a great father, but he pays her Pilates-pumped momtourage more attention than he does his own wife.
What she never expects is the explosive impact her ongoing friendship with Harry will have on her close-knit pals—and on her marriage.

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