As the subjects' journeys unfold, viewers will come to understand their stories within the context of a greater social issue.
All interview and appearance requests, or other press inquires, should be directed to our Communications team.
Participant Media is a leading media company dedicated to entertainment that inspires and compels social change. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.

Viewers will meet a single mother who struggles to feed her children each day, lifting the curtain on food insecurity in America; a young professional who shows up to work in a suit every day, but who is homeless and crippled by student loan debt. Founded in 2004 by Jeff Skoll, Participant combines the power of a good story well told with opportunities for viewers to get involved. Each story will be complemented by archival, documentary and news footage that illustrates the bigger picture in present-day America behind the social issue of focus. Participant's digital hub, TakePart, serves millions of socially conscious consumers each month with daily articles, videos and opportunities to take action.

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