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It’s the story of a chaebol with seven personalities and the woman who secretly becomes his doctor.
Kill Me, Heal Me is scheduled to air in early January so I’m sure the executives at MBC have been having sleepless nights due to their inability to secure a cast. It’s described as a romantic comedy which makes me wonder if they will treat dissociative identity disorder with much sensitivity. Yes, these two have pulled me in kicking and screaming to watch a drama I had no intentions to watch!
This is I believe the fastest recurring main casts co-stars in Korean drama world, am I correct? MBC pulled a smart fast decision, cast beloved pairing for a drama that need to be start production quickly.
But yeah, like you said, and I firmly believed too, the secret for Secret’s success was definitely the script and solid plotline.

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For somebody who has not been long discharged from the military, they are just not enough abs showing in any of his photoshoots to my great displeasure. It was strongly believed that Lee Seung Gi and Lim Ji Yeon would take the roles but they eventually backed out.
Seven personalities is like five too many but my suspicion is that only two will get much focus. Then it can become a huge soap opera when the ladies find out about each other and confront him on his infidelity. Filling in for them are Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum who recently co-starred in the unexpected KBS hit Secret. Truthfully, an actor playing seven roles really only works in a one-person show so I can understand why many would reject this drama. I absolutely love Secret and while I think the script is excellent I believe it’s the awesome acting of the four main leads (especially BSB, HJE and JS) that made Secret such an engaging cracjk drama.

Actors might expect it to be too challenging while actresses might assume that they’d be relegated to a supporting role. But the stuff we hear about drama plots ahead of time doesn’t always match what actually happens. This year has seen several dramas with reunited OTPs and none of them have made much of an impact ratings-wise.
I’m going to have to watch this show anyway out of curiosity how you make a rom-com about DID.

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