Secret Love - Kara ??? ??: Cinco diferentes historias de amor estreladas pelas garotas do grupo "Kara". No ano seguinte o grupo estava programado para ter seu retorno em marco de 2008 com seu segundo album, no entanto o membro Kim Sunghee de repente anunciou que estaria deixando o grupo  devido a pressao dos seus pais , porque a sua participacao no grupo foi condicionada a tirar boas notas na escola por isso os novos membros Goo Hara e Kang JiYoung entraram no grupo.
Aqui nos so damos uma pequena Introducao, visite "Kara Brasil", site em portugues sobre as meninas. Are you watch the Other Episode?, Click here~,You will be choose the other episode list below.
Former teen idol David Cassidy fathered a secret daughter during a one-night stand in Tennessee more than thirty years ago! But as a child, Wright says, she always felt that somethings was wrong, that the man was not her real father.
Not only did Cassidy look just like her, Wright believes, but she also bears a striking resemblance to Cassidy’s other daughter, actress Katie.

Even more shocking, David has admitted to having a lazy eye (his right) – and Wright was diagnosed with the same condition in her right eye as well.
Still, Wright kept the story a secret for several decades, until she began to have children of her own and became desperate for some closure. Wright reached out to Cassidy’s publicist, Jo-Ann Geffen, who quickly responded with a thinly-veiled threat. Wright begged for the chance to meet Cassidy at one of his concerts near her North Carolina home, but Geffen refused to make the introduction.
But finally, at Wright’s insistence, Geffen finally agreed to have Cassidy submit to a DNA test, on the condition that Wright would pay for it.
Deciding to try another tack, Wright reached out to Cassidy’s son, Beau Cassidy, on Twitter. Again, she insists, she wants nothing more from him than the chance at the father-daughter relationship she’s missed out on for so long.

Depois disso o grupo tambem mudou sua imagem e estilo de musica para a " bonita, mas natural". At some point, Wright says, she even doubted the publicist was passing on her messages to the star.
Geffen then mailed a hair purportedly from David’s head to Wright, who sent it to a lab for testing. But before the results were back, Wright got the feeling she was being tricked, and called Geffen, as a test, to tell her that the results were positive. Como seu primeiro album nao foi um sucesso, Seungyeon participou de muitos programas de variedades da televisao coreana para manter o nome do grupo conhecido pelo publico.

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