Copyright holded by (C) 1985 Universal Music Enterprises, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.. Sung as a duet between Atlantic Starr members Barbara Weathers and David Lewis, 'Secret Lovers' is the story of a man and a woman who are having an affair with each other even though they are both married to other people.
In 2006, a score intended to resemble this single was included in a T-Mobile commercial called 'Busted'. Usher sampled the song in 2008 for his hit single 'Love in This Club, Part II', which features Beyonce and Lil Wayne.

On an episode of 'The Steve Harvey Show', Steve and Regina rehearse 'Secret Lovers' to perform for an audience. Diners can select prepared salads, sandwiches and treats from a refrigerated case, or can order from the counter.
We particularly enjoyed, from the October menu, the grilled lamb meatball and haloumi cheese kebabs, the autumn salad of brussels sprouts, pears, and locally grown mushrooms, and the maple pudding with ginger snaps. Slight adjustments to the monthly menu can be made in the case of allergy or strong aversion, and there is a vegetarian menu available with advance notice, but generally this is a place for omnivores.

Although they know their actions are wrong and are forced to keep their relationship secret as a result (hence the title of the song), they love each other too much to let the affair end.
They also justify the affair by trying to convince themselves that maybe their spouses have their own 'secret lovers' as well.

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