Si vous aimez les decks un peu plus originaux, qui reposent un poil sur la chance, alors vous etes au bon endroit.
Un excellent moyen de temporisation, surtout si vous n'avez pas encore un choc de flammes en main. Roccat Ryos MK Advanced Mechanical Gaming-Tastatur (MX Key Switch schwarz) 69,99€ (Vergleichspreise ab ca.
Sieben Moglichkeiten, den Gegner zu verwirrenMit Naxxramas bekam der Mage ein neues Secret als Klassenkarte: Duplicate. Der richtige Start bestimmt das SpielWie bei quasi jedem Deck ist der Mulligan sehr entscheidend. Hat man einen Mana Wyrm mit der Kombination Frostbolt als Mulligan, kann man schnell innerhalb von zwei bis drei Runden 10 Schaden und mehr verursachen. Mirror image kann vielen Klassen wie Zoolock, Warrior und Hunter key turns versauen (zug 4 zoolock, lategame warrior, zug 6 hunter), counterspells erganzen loatheb super.
Gegen Hunter ist naturlich so ne Sache, viele haben jetzt 2x Flare was ein Problem sein kann.
Frage ist eher wie gut ist das Deck noch wenn du nen durchschnittlichen draw hast, weil mit nem guten draw glanzen tut jedes Deck. As poster nwillard points out, it carries a bit of a "noob stigma," given Jaina's position as the game's first playable character. However, the Mage is also a surprisingly deep class that can help keep opponents and their minions at bay. Frost Nova (a 3-mana spell that freezes all minions on the field) and Blizzard (same effect, but all opposing minions receive 2 damage) can help a player buy precious time before coming up with a strategy that can further clear the field. And of course, woe to the opponent that has to deal with a Mage packing Pyroblast, a 10-mana Epic card that deals 10 damage to any target. The Mage also has some potent Secret cards that can either be used to neutralize opponent summons.
An opponent will likely try to counter this onslaught with a Legendary minion, at which point skinlab133 can chuckle as Jaina unleashes the Mirror Entity card. In the recent SeatStory Cup II, Lothar played a secrets Mage deck that caught everyone's attention thanks to its unique list and unbelievable winrate.
The SecretStory Mage is a midrange tempo secrets deck that is all about maximizing the value of your cards and making tempo plays that leave your opponent terminally behind on board and life throughout the course of the entire game..
One you're up in the early- and mid-game with this deck, you have a number of late-game cards that extend your tempo strategy. This suggestion won't make the deck more affordable, but switching out a Loot Hoarder for a Bloodmage Thalnos could be good in a slower meta game that benefits spell damage over early game presence. Man hofft naturlich, dass der Runde zwei Scientist ein Vaporize beschwort, um so noch mehr Tempo aufzubauen. Secrets werden grundsatzlich verworfen, einzige Ausnahme ist die Kombination mit dem Kirin Tor Mage.
Gegen Krieger braucht man sich nicht zu scheuen, einen Frostbolt in Runde zwei blind auf den Helden zu zaubern.
Als Belohnung gibt es wie gewohnt einen neuen Kartenrucken fur diejenigen, die Rang 20 und besser erreichen.
Am Anfang kann man gut Tempo aufbauen da man gute 1 und 2 drops hat, wenn man dann zug 3 Kirin Tor+Secret spielen kann ist alles perfekt. Man kommt gegen normale Hunter sicher nicht auf 50% winrate, aber womit schafft man das heutzutage schon?

With new players joining the battle each day, Shacknews is closely examining each of the game's nine classes and learning how to play with all of them from the perspective of Chatty. That's because of her ability to keep minion crowds under control, thanks to some powerful cards and easy combos. But that's not necessarily a bad thing, given that for many people, Hearthstone is their first exposure to a collectible card game. Chatty users, like brickmatt, are among those that have observed that the Mage has several spells centered around crowd control.
These cards are brutal when combined with one of Jaina's most powerful cards, a 7-mana spell called Flamestrike, which does 4 damage to all opposing minions.
Chatty's f4lln is packing his deck with Fireball and Pyroblast cards, which should strike fear in the hearts of any Hero with low HP. Spells like Vaporize and Ice Barrier can keep Jaina alive at crucial moments and buy some precious time. This Secret will automatically summon the exact same opposing minion onto the field, which could potentially add a free Legendary to your ranks.
He won nearly 10 games in a row with this deck while playing against the best players in the world, making the SecretStory Mage (as I'm calling it) a deck with loads of potential on the competitive ladder. It has a stunningly beautiful mana curve with loads of low-mana cards that pack a punch have plenty of ways to play above their weight once on board.
Water Elementals and Sludge Belchers slow them down and pump out the stats, while The Black Knight and Sylvanas Windrunner allow you to make huge swings on the board. Don't risk drawing dead from it, and aim for things like Sludge Belchers or Ragnaros from your Duplicate. You have answers for giants with Polymorph, The Black Knight, Sylvanas, and even Mirror Entity. Well-timed Mirror Entities can make all the difference, and getting a duplicate on a mid-game Sludge Belcher will help you stay alive. Loatheb, The Black Knight, and Sylvanas Windrunner have one-of-a-kind effects, and no other 6-mana cards in the game will give you the tempo swings they provide.
Da viele Leute aber nicht gerne mit der Masse schwimmen, prasentiert den sogenannten Secret-Mage, ein Tempo-Deck mit vielen interessanten Moglichkeiten.
Duplicate wurde anfangs noch als relativ "nutzlos" eingestuft, was sich aber im Laufe der Wochen schnell anderte. Die Kontrahenten haben mit mindestens einem Mirror Entity zu rechnen, deswegen spielt man es einfach nicht. Duplicate dagegen ist ziemlich Situativ, aber essentiell durch die hohe Anzahl an Low-Cost-Minions. Ansonsten ist es eine fantastische Moglichkeit, den Gegner im Ungewissen zu lassen, ob man Mirror Entity bzw.
Die Chance, dass dieser eine Fiery War Axe auf der Hand hat, ist generell sehr hoch und erlaubt eine zusatzliche Runde Schaden und Boardcontrol. Das Thema ist dieses mal Piraten - ob dies ein Hinweis auf kunftige Karten ist oder einfach nur ein Gag, wird sich in Zukunft zeigen. However, some will choose to stick with the Mage and her potent spell cards and killer combos, many of which center around her Hero Power of dealing 1 damage to any target.
The aforementioned Hero Power can keep lower health minions at bay, while it can also be combined with higher-powered spells to either take out powerful summons or finish off any Heroes on the ropes.
With classes like Paladin and Shaman that can use their Hero Power to summon minions at will, it's important that Jaina use her powers to keep the numbers to her advantage.

Fireball (a 4-mana starter card that deals 6 damage on a target) should not be underestimated. But he was pulled back in after spending years in QA circles for both THQ and Activision, mostly spending time helping to push forward the Guitar Hero series at its peak. Finishers like Ragnaros, Loatheb, and your Fireballs help you put your opponent away for good after punishing them with a consistent and powerful barrage of value. Despite its early-game focus, Undertaker is just too good at creating value and establishing a powerful board, which is this deck's ultimate goal. Mage traditionally has answers to threats with Polymorph and various damage spells, so it doesn't seem like The Black Knight fits. You also have a single Flamestrike, so save it for a big swing moment or to secure a lethal push.
Insgesamt werden aber nur vier Secrets gespielt und das auch nicht ohne Grund: Wurde man mehr als vier nehmen, verliert das Deck stark an Geschwindigkeit. Stattdessen lasst man seinen Gegenuber im Ungewissen, ob das gespielte Secret genau diese Karte ist.
Schafft man es einen Sludge Belcher oder eine Sylvanas zu duplizieren, wird aus einem Tempo-Deck auch schnell ein Control-Deck mit mehr Moglichkeiten im Late-Game.
Von Runde eins an sollte die Prioritat auf Schaden liegen, der Gegner wird gezwungen so ineffizient wie moglich zu tauschen. Jaina's spells and minions are often straightforward with few aftereffects, making her an ideal choice for learning how Hearthstone works.
It can deal serious damage to just about any minion, while Frostbolt can serve a similar function by dinging a minion for 3 damage while leaving it frozen for its next turn. However, skilled players can combine them with stat-boosting cards like Raid Leader or Stormwind Champion to suddenly add some attack power to those minions and give them a chance to chip away at the opposing Hero. Ozzie has become a big fan of platformers, puzzle games, shooters, and RPGs, just to name a few genres, but he’s also a huge sucker for anything with a good, compelling narrative behind it. But it's simply one of the best tempo cards in the game and the prominence of Sludge Belchers in the meta makes it a good fit.
Zusatzlich ware der Mana Wyrm die einzige Karte, welche wirklich von noch mehr Spells profitiert. Ist man nicht in der Lage, genug Tempo aufzubauen, wird es spatestens ab Runde sechs sehr ungemutlich.
This deck is somewhat light on card draw, so it's surprising that no Arcane Intellects made their way into the list. Bei weniger als drei unterschiedlichen Secrets, verliert der Mad Scientist wiederum seinen Sinn. Richtig eingesetzt kann man so zum Beispiel die Strategie eines Jagers komplett uber den Haufen werfen. Combining all those early-game tools together means you'll be making insanely high-value plays, even if you draw relatively poorly.
Schafft man es hingegen, einen von den zwei zu duplizieren, sieht die Situation schon wieder anders aus.

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