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Post to 50 And More Social Media Sites, including Instant Blog Subscribers, Facebook and Twitter. Join Daniel Hayes & Vanessa Hayes, Certified Professional Organizer, as they talk about the challenges of leading a simple life in the modern world. The content is proven and system works, but we’re just not happy with any platforms we’ve tried.
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Well, back in December of 2014, I was doing some backwards planning and realized that in order to build our new home on schedule, the right thing to do was sell our house in San Antonio in the Spring of 2015. But in the mean time, all through Jan, Feb, March and April, I had been working out all the curriculum, scripts, testing the right platform, etc, for Vanessa’s soon to be released training product, Get Organized SOS, which is an intensive online course that teaches her proven system to organize any space.
But while meeting with my marketing coach in April, he challenged me to launch the beta NOW. But as any good coach does, he gently nudged me (actually, it felt more like my old paratrooper days as he kicked my butt out the jump door of the plane)! We recently had a fantastic sales experience when selling our home in preparation to move to East Aurora, NY. Our home went up for sale the evening of the 15th of May…and before our realtor was even able to put a sign up in the yard, it sold on the morning of 16May!
So as we mentioned in the last episode, we’re moving from the suburbs of San Antonio, Texas to the little village of East Aurora, NY, home of America’s simplicity movement back in the late 1890s and early 1900s. Plus we were prepping a house, listing a house, selling a house, packing to move and moving into a new place over the course of the next 6 weeks. Key Point #1: Make sure your desires are in line with your life plan, your goals are in line with your desires, and your actions are in line with your goals. Way back in Episode 32, we talked about how the choices we make impact everything in our lives. If you’ve been listening to the show for a while, you’ve heard about the start of our journey and you were with us through the sale of our land out in the Texas Hill Country, scrapping the idea of the big house in the middle of nowhere, etc. You know we’ve been on this journey for a couple years now, and we’ve been taking all the steps necessary to shape our world.
Long before we planned to move, we made improvements to the house using what we call organization-based design.
On the tech side, we used Trello as a planning tool to manage, share, and track our To Dos.
We’ve just really embraced the idea of incorporating margin in our home and appreciating the openness and empty spaces in it.
They need to see themselves there…the possibilities, the opportunities, and the wonderful memories they’ll make there. So…there is no way we could have gotten more than our asking price, had such a great sale experience, and wrapped things up so quickly if we hadn’t simplified our lives and our home.
Vanessa was able to keep an influx of clients happy, and we were able to prep, list, and sell the house, move, and develop and launch a 3-week, multimedia and coaching product all over the course of 6 weeks! So, are you planning on simplifying to sell your home or do you want to make a positive change in your life? Special thanks to Jodialgara, Suea626 , Whitephone, and Ja-Ro-El-Sha for your reviews on iTunes! So there are 4 critical areas you need to consider when downsizing, moving, simplifying, or making any other major change in life if you want to achieve and maintain some kind of congruence. I borrowed and tweaked some definitions for these from a course I took through Wharton taught by Stew Friedman. The first area is Home. The home, or family, can include the people (or animals) you live with, your family of origin (parents, siblings, and others), or your family of creation (spouse, partner, significant other, children, and others). Back in Episode 65, we talked about Strategic Simple Living and shared a few great tools you can use to plan your simple living strategy. Continuing on with our example of looking for the ideal place for us to live, you can listen in to the episode and hear how we looked at those 4 critical life areas and how they impacted our downsizing efforts and our simplicity journey. Then we have Community. Community can mean friends, neighbors, social groups, religious institutions, charitable activities, political committees, membership in nonprofit organizations, or anything that bears on your impact on the world beyond your work and your family.
Finally, we have Self. Self includes your physical and emotional health, intellectual and personal growth, leisure, and spirituality.
Again, whether you’re downsizing or not, take some time to examine your life using Home, Work, Community, and Self as lenses. The post SLT075: 4 Critical Areas You Need to Consider When Downsizing appeared first on Simple Life Together.
Habit 2: Often, establishing a simplicity habit involves establishing a framework that helps you deal with things in a predictable manner.
The Eisenhauer Matrix Framework: You’ve probably seen this one before, but just imagine a simple foursquare matrix. By looking outside yourself, automatically you established a need…a need that didn’t exist. The post SLT074: 3 Simple Living Habits You Can Use Right Now appeared first on Simple Life Together.
On the last episode and up until we went to SimpleREV in Minneapolis we intended for this episode to be our last for quite a while. We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to meet many of the people who inspired us both personally and professionally on our journey.
We were blown away by the amount of positive feedback about the show and how we influenced others to simplify their lives too.

Although we love sharing and teaching others, over time, the success of our podcast led to the feeling of obligation of having to produce awesome content ALL the time.
What started off as us documenting our journey to simplify our lives, turned into something more…something better than we expected!
We unexpectedly built an amazing community of supporters and like-minded people in 154 countries. We’ve gotten and continue to receive such heart felt support from that community…especially when we shared some of our toughest challenges. We were blessed with opportunities to speak about our life and our podcast at different conferences and on different podcasts.
Even better…we’ve gotten to meet some of our loyal listeners and supporters…how cool is that? We get along really well and, for the most part, what you hear on the show is what you get with us. The cool thing is that we’ve reached an important waypoint on this part of our journey, and now it’s time for us to refocus and work toward that end.
So this is what we’ve decided: Keeping in mind our original goal of the podcast and in light of our new focus in life….it’s not the end the end of Simple Life Together!
If you have questions or just want to learn more about Project 333 or Courtney Carver’s Dress With Less microcourse. It works round-the-clock, and for not just days or weeks, but for months and months, very own Money From Your Website making you tons of CASH!
All the stresses of trying to balance careers, family life, and relationships can be pretty overwhelming. So, we posted on the Simple Life Together Facebook page and the Edit & Forget It Facebook Group and asked for your questions.
The show went a little longer than we expected, so we’ll be sure to read the comments on the next episode. The beta lasted all of May, and all the while we were prepping our home and the World Shedquarters for sale. But one very lucrative reason to simplify is to increase the sale price of your home and set the stage for a quick sale.
And candidly, you could glean something from each one of these points even if you’re not simplifying to sell your home, but just looking for a fresh start or some positive change in your life.
If you’re a new listener you can check out our About Us video and you’ll hear all about our decision to pursue a path toward more simplicity in our lives. This will go a long way in helping to ensure you stay on track with Key Point 1, too, making sure your actions are in line with your goals.
In the real estate world, nothing (meaning empty space and square footage) is worth a whole lot more than your “stuff” that takes up that space!
As we’ve decluttered our home over the past couple of years or so, we’ve really come to love the increased peacefulness that having less stuff has given us. It’s kind of like gift giving… If I’m looking to give you a gift, I look for a gift that you’ll want and appreciate, not necessarily one that I want to give. So, armed with all we learned from the 4 Direction Ideation Tool process, we did our final analysis through the lenses of the 4 major areas of our life: Home, Work, Community, and Self. We’re going to share 3 more simple living habits you can start using right now for a better today and tomorrow.
We passed along what we feel are the top 7 habits you can develop to bring some serious simplicity into your life. Chances are, just like Dorothy with the ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz, you had the power all along. That makes you a consumer instead of a producer and plays right into the hands of the marketing messages we’re subjected to 3-5000 times a day.
Three more simple living habits you can use to make your life a little easier. As we enter the Holiday season of 2014 we’re faced with lots of simplicity challenges. If you need some extra motivation, scroll through the older episodes of the back catalog and re-listen to some of those shows. But here are 5 that can really help you jumpstart your New Year: Episodes 51, 52, 55, 63, and 65.
Folks like Leo Babauta, Joshua Becker, Patrick Rohne, Mohammed Tohami, The Minimalists, Joel Zaslofsky, Dan Miller…just to name a few. And let’s face it…our lives just aren’t THAT interesting that we have some type of major topic to talk about for 40 minutes each week. But just like in any journey, when it comes to careers there are breaks along the way…if you’re lucky that is.
Those halts would let you take things in and sense what was going on at that point in the operation. We can’t thank the community enough for your constant support of SLT and hope you continue to support us when we do decide to pop in from time to time!
A little less of us…a little less predictability…but still here to share our journey?
We hear about balance all the time in magazines, on television, supposed experts, life coaches, etc.
So we’re considering just making the course an “in your Inbox” course, so people don’t have to log into an outside website, remember another log in, hope the site isn’t slow, etc. That said, we’re not really happy with how the course is currently hosted on an external site. Vanessa and I planned to work on things in the background during this busy time, and launch a beta or test program in the late summer.
You may have a lifestyle you want to live someday and by staying true to that you can achieve it.

That said, we still got rid of well over 3000 more things in 2015 as we were simplifying to sell your home just before the move!
Both the Census Bureau and the National Assoc’n of Home builders list the number one reason for moving, as the pursuit of a better home. If they walk into a messy, poorly maintained, or cluttered home, it becomes about you and how you live, and not about them. If so, we’d love to hear about it and what tools or strategies you’re using that are helping you. We shared how we used this tool when downsizing for trying to find the perfect area for us to live.
If you listen in to the show, you’ll see how we used each of these to evaluate where we’re going to call home.
For us, we want that to be an outgrowth of our relationship with those close to us, and serve as a setting for interaction with them. Starting off with a strategic focus using the 4 Direction Ideation Tool was a great start, but honing in using the major life areas of Home, Work, Community, and Self really helped us to decide where we want to live. Still, we started realizing that the show was shifting from documenting our journey to “having” to produce good educational content each and every week, then every two weeks.
Not too often, but definitely more so when we started feeling like we HAD to do a show as opposed to the times when we just couldn’t wait to share something. We never thought we could impact people the way that we did…and be impacted by them, as well.
Terms like work life balance, balanced diet, and even balanced budget are pretty pervasive. Our verbal reservationsystem will be followed by an email for you to look over and makeany necessary adjustments.
How can you live a simple life when you're surrounded by all the trappings of the 21st century society? It’s the little things we do every day that keep us consistent and on path toward our goals. We intend to live even more “light and lean” in our year in the apartment and in our new home in East Aurora. Again, the goal is to achieve some congruity between these areas and create what Dr Friedman calls “4 Way Wins.” A 4 Way Win is an activity that has a positive impact on each of the four major areas of your life. And finally, what area of your life can you start simplifying that sets the example for others? But the truth is, we’re having trouble with this because Simple Life Together is such a big part of our life.
I think we need to do that with life, too, and I feel like this SLLS halt I’ve taken has really refocused me on what I love and what I excel at.
While your signature or acknowledgmentto the email is requested, they are not 100% necessary. Improvements like cubbies, built in storage, the Elfa shelving system in the pantry, the new kitchen cabinets with slide outs, etc, all tied in to our organization-based design concept. As we finished tasks, we’d move the from the Inside or Outside board, over to the Done board. And the little village of East Aurora embodies so much of what we're looking for in a small town community. And the little village of East Aurora embodies so much of what we’re looking for in a small town community.
Sure, you can establish some controls with kids, but for the most part just setting the example will go a long way to influence others to adopt positive change. By giving all ofthe requested information verbally you will have completed the reservationand agreed toA  the contents of the email that was explained to you overthe phone during the reservation process. If you listen back to Episode 65 you'll be amazed at what we said we were looking for, and what East Aurora has to offer. If you listen back to Episode 65 you’ll be amazed at what we said we were looking for, and what East Aurora has to offer. This makes reservations moreconvenient and hassle free for those who can not always be next to thecomputer.
Listen as they share how they simplify day to day tasks, organize their lives, edit their possessions and evaluate their priorities.
So I’m working hard on that, to bring Vanessa’s amazing system to more people in a simpler way. And I think it will be a better quality because it’s not rushed, forced, or done out of a sense of obligation…but from a point of sharing and community. If you are not sure that you want to book it, do not give yourcredit card number or other info. If for any reason you needA to cancel, you must cancel via email and over the phone if giving less than 2weeks notice of your cancellation.A Copyright. Sure, they talk about minimalism and the magic of tidying up too, but this is simple living and essentialism for daily life! Socal limo rentals has been asked for strippers on party buses and dancers on limo buses, so we specialize in exotic dancers or escorts. Party buses in riverside or party buses in ventura county are great places to take a party bus to hollywood.

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