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About Cartoon BrewEvery day since 2004, Cartoon Brew has delivered the latest news, trends and ideas in animation to over 25,000 different artists, entertainment execs and cartoon aficionados. Secret Mountain Fort Awesome is an Animated Cartoon Series created and directed by Peter Browngardt. Sit On Monday night in front of your favorite cartoon channel The Cartoon Network and let the Kids and animation fan enjoy a great show .
The storyboard of this weird, funny, crazy and unique series is based on the scenario when a portal from a mysterious world that is a world of monsters , opens and underground monsters enters to the world of humans.
The plot of the animated film revolve around the group of 5 monsters namely Disgustoids, Festro, Gweelok, Fart, Dingle, and Slog.

In order to perform this Scottish Necromantic spell, one must arrange to have a room with total and complete privacy. These awards will be handed out during the Creative Arts Emmy Awards on Saturday, September 15.
They find that this world has all the pleasures they wished for and bejeweled with all of their fantasies they can think off. Which was created back in 2008, it was a story about short strange man called uncle grandpa.
He walks around with his arms hanging over his head and his tongue sticking out and his eyes sticking out of his head and he only speaks in a strange kind of gibberish that all of the other Disgustoids have the ability to understand. Using a compass, cast a circle in the middle of the room, large enough for you, a table and chair. Darken the lining for the mountain shape and as you can see there is some rough edges or lining.
You can now draw out both legs and yes his feet are supposed to face in one direction like shown. Deliberations are an open discussion of the work of each entrant, with a thorough review of the merits of awarding the Emmy. The characters are designed by Robert Ryan Cory has an impressive portfolio in cartoon sketching .There professional clan of both artists are portrayed wonderfully in their animated creation named Secret Mountain Fort Awesome.
The trailer was revealed on August 1, 2011 and the show started on November 4, 2011 and all new episodes are on air from Fridays.
In that featured film he breaks a child’s computer, and in remaking and fixing it he creates a portal with trash and kid toilet.

The viewers of the show can not understand him but in conversations with him, the Disgustoids tend to respond in ways that translate what he is saying to the viewers of the show. His full name is actually ‘Secret Mountain Fort Awesome’ and he is considered to be a monumental figure to the dudes that are part of the ‘bro-hood’. But unfortunately the only problem is, humans hate monsters and they would never accept them in their world .This film invoke a very different and unique idea.
There is not much to say about this character because he is as he appears, a freaking mountain.
Have anyone of us ever wondered that their could be  a world where monsters are living between us without harming and interrupting us like other creatures. From that short feature film Uncle Grandpa, the idea of creating a funny, freaky and unique series named Secret Mountain Fort Awesome and a full episode of it ,called “Teleport-A-Potty” was inspired. He is a black colored very triangular shaped mountain that is filled with scratchy red lines. From this we get the moral and theme of this series that is having a world where monsters and humans learn to live together and accept each other. They struggle and find ways to adjust themselves in this world of humans and this is how the series continues. The series depict a scenario where human are eager to share their beautiful world with these monsters.

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