La vie est belle es el nuevo perfume de Lancome que se puso a la venta durante el otono de 2012 pero que llega con mas fuerza a nuestro pais un ano mas tarde. Night de Victoria’s Secret es un nuevo perfume que se lanzo al mercado el pasado octubre de 2013. Flash se construye con una fragancia que acentua delicadas notas de flores blancas con un toque de especias y frutas.
Lady Gaga presento su primera fragancia con la colaboracion de The Haus Laboratories Paris y la compania de fragancias Coty. Chanel nos presento el 2 de abril de 2010, Chance Eau Tendre, version de una de sus mas populares fragancias.
It indeed is a sexy perfume, but I think younger people can wear it too as it's refreshingly fruity, and soo good smelling. I have the body spray version of this scent and I particularly enjoy using it day to day or when I'm travelling as it is inoffensive and fresh.
I have smelled many Victoria's Secret body mists, perfumes and sprays however Bombshell is definitely the most pleasing to me. After a whole lot of googling 'pink aerosol VS body spray'-type searches, I finally figured out which one it was and picked up a new, non aerosol body spray.
I just got the Preferred Fragrance version of this called Stunner, and if this is a fraction of what the real deal smells like I am in heaven!
This scent is soo AWSOME, I just LOVE LOVE it, there are lots of my friends asking me what perfume I were wearing. I hadn't tried the real Bombshell until recently when I used a rewards card I had for the rollerball of this in the store.
If any one of you guys has a bottle of the perfume in this that you'd like to trade, just let me know and I'll tell you what all I have and hopefully we can work something out.
Victoria Secrets Bombshell opens up bright and fruity with juicy notes of passionfruit, grapefruit and hints of candied strawberries.
It dries down into what I would say as a woody musky scent with a nice floral fruity backdrop.
Silage is a good arm's length (your friend or significant other beside you can definitely smell it) and lasts about 6-8 hours on my skin.
For those saying it's very light, perhaps you might have overdosed yourself in it without realising how strong this scent is. Edit: I pick up a lot of grapefruit from this its another note that makes this unique and mouthwatering.
I bought a rollerball of Bombshell EDP because I read some articles that said it is just as effective at repelling bugs as the chemical bug sprays. Layered with the lotion and shimmer spray, there was a slightly musky undertone that I've never noticed in Bombshell before. I've had this travel mist for YEARS and never thought much about it until I recently and then fell in love with it! This perfume is fun and I enjoy it, but I don't think I will repurchase unless I find it on sale for very cheap. Well, I've collected the flankers, so finally broke down and purchased the original Bombshell. When I think Bombshell I'm thinking lady in a red dress with red lipstick, sultry and the center of attention. Victoria`s Secret is presenting a new fragrance Love Rocks EDP which is due to be launched in November. Love Rocks is available as 50ml EDP in a bright red flacon with an atomizer decorated with a stylish rose. When this fragrance came out I didn't give it much of a chance, really - the name is awful, and at the time I had no interest in fragrances with prominent vanilla notes. I bought a bottle since they were cheap (I paid around $14) and I really liked the fragrance as I walked around the store wearing it.
I agree with many of the comments here - the raspberry blast at the beginning is gone within seconds, I smell a faint note of something that smells like coconut every so often, and there is a masculine vibe to it.
I smelled this a long time ago, back when they were selling this at VS and I remember really liking it!
I sprayed the fragrance mist once on the back of my neck and put some of the lotion on my arms and it lasted for 7 hours!
I have had this one on my shelf for quite awhile and it was one of many I just haven't got around to trying out-so today I chose it to wear while I was running errands. I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality-I think they have some really nice note combinations. What I like about Love Rocks is most definitely the fruit-Love Raspberries and I know it isn't in the notes but I swear I smell blackberry too which I like a lot too. My husband loves this on me for whatever reason and I get a whole lot of action whenever I wear it! I can't nail down what it smells like on me; soon after spraying it I thought of Bath and Body Works' "Black Amethyst" but now it smells too musky and too sweet for that comparison.

I agree with the review that said they smelled coconut, but the strange thing is it only smells like coconut in my hair (I always spray some perfume in my hair so that when I take it down it smells nice). They staying power is proving alright, I notice it varies depending on how much I've sprayed it.
Despite noticing it's fading I still continually get whiffs of it, so it must be lingering somewhere else that I sprayed it.
Overall I really like the scent of this perfume, it's unusual (at least compared to anything in my personal collection), and it's entertaining. Because of the staying power and the difficulty handling the bottle, I'm glad I bought this at a reduced price. If you like the musky and masculine facet of this perfume, I highly recommend Bath and Body Works' "Black Amethyst". I'm sorry I have to say it for my 'signature fragrance' but the pitiful lasting power strongly disappoints me. The smell is fantastic and exactly what I like - juicy berries with plum, violet and vanilla but excuse me, I'd choose stronger fragrance to draw everyone's attention to my appearance.
The atomizer is another flaw to the wonderful bottle - it simply doesn't spray as much as expected.
I was expecting a little more but I have no choice except to spray more lavishly and frequently.
Esta nueva version romantica y rosa, Chance Eau Tendre, es una interpretacion floral-frutal del EDP Chance.
Fruity, aromatic and floral fragrance contains notes of purple passion fruit, Shangri-la peony and vanilla orchid. The discontinued 'True Escape' body spray is the only fragrance in VS which would trump Bombshell if it was still available.
When she walked by, I nearly screamed at her when I asked her, "What are you wearing?" It smelled WONDERFUL.
I was at VS getting some things for my trousseau and decided to get some more grown up perfume than my B&BW body sprays. It's not what I would normally call sexy, but since I associate it with my honeymoon, it's a different story! A very nice scent but unfortunately reminds me of lots of other things, like other fragrances, cosmetics and even after shaves. I have Bombshell as a solid perfume necklace (which I found on clearance for $14) but I don't think this perfume is "me" enough to buy it at anything other than clearance prices. I've found several scents that are really, really similar to this, one from Maurices, the women's clothing store in the mall.
Their scents are alright, but I associate the brands perfumes with teenage girls who've decided they're too old for bath and body works. I had the body mist first then bought the biggest size (3.4) EDP bottle which don't often do because I tend to tire of scents before finishing them.
Wild at heart, punk princess, rock child meets a tres chic composition of rebellious accords of plum, hypnotic violet and sensual vanilla. Its accompanying assortment features 250 ml fragrant lotion, 250 ml fragrant mist and 500 ml fragrant bath and shower cream. I just scored a bottle of this on eBay for under $20 and I am going to ration it very carefully. I decided to try it again at the semi-annual sale today since it has been a while since I smelled it.
Just wanted to let the fans of this scent know :) It's only going to be there for a limited time though so I would stock up if I were you.
For some reason I didn't buy it and now they don't sell it anymore :( Hopefully I can buy it during the semi-annual sale! My one criticism is they just don't last very long on mebut I can always put more on and not worry about it because the prices are very reasonable. I love the creaminess that the sandlewood, musk and vanilla bring to the party.Love Rocks reminds me of Christian Audiger's Women but the fruit in LR is not quite as intense or long lasting. I sprayed more on my right wrist than I did on my left and my right wrist still smells strong while the left is fading.
It's a little inconvenient though, as you have to use both hands to spray it (so spraying my wrists was a bit of a chore).
I find that the smell sort of shifts: one second I'll smell something fruity and floral, then powdery, then spicy, then musky, and this is what keeps it interesting for me. I wonder if I'd like it more if I had bought the body spray instead of the EDT, but I'm not sure I'd want both.
It quickly lies close to the skin merging with its smell and the drydown interestingly reminds of make-up and eyeshadow smell. Es provocativa, calida, sexy e impactante, sus tentadoras notas son pura intriga y glamour. The lasting power is not strong so I carry this in my handbag for a touch up every so often.

I liked the effervescent, sparkly, grapefruit and creamy berry notes of this one and picked up a shimmering body spray. The fragrance is all passion fruit and grapefruit on top, mostly peony in the middle and then a soft musk.
Lasts a decent amount of time on me - just with it would make me look like a Victoria's Secret model haha!
I can't really explain other that it's different from all the generic VS and BBW scents out there. It's called Sungari, and it smells really similar to me, but it's not in the database here. A heart encompasses sandalwood blossom, jasmine, peach nectar, plum and stephanotis, while trail of vanilla, gold amber, violet and musk cashmere stays in a base. FINALLY it went on sale, and I was told that was because it was being discontinued, so I bought some. I've never received a compliment even shortly after I put it on, so it leaves me wondering what everyone else thinks. I didn't think it smelled so good, but then a male friend walked in and commented that it smelled really good. It has really great notes and the potential to be a great fragrance, but too much strong musk for my taste.
I cannot distinguish any single note, from start to finish all I get is a powdery, unisex vanilla with something sweeter popping in and out, like dark chocolate.
The lasting power is disappointing and I hate having to reapply as it's kind of hard to replace. Oh yes and my honey-really liked it and for some reason all the VS that I have seems to appeal to him. Unfortunately, it was an aerosol and perhaps because of pressure differences in the plane during my subsequent transcontinental move, it stopped working.
I'm usually just more of a body spray kind of girl, just something light and usually sweet or fruity. Also, I wouldn't wear this in the day time, I'd wear it if I was going on a date, or if I was going to a party.
It fades pretty fast, but I plan on keeping the roller ball in my purse for when I spend time outdoors and I'll just reapply it. This is actually the first ever sweet perfume I enjoy because it's not the typical vanilla sugary kind of sweet. For the price, unless you love this, try that, or try the dupe of Bombshell from Walgreens.
On the bottle, I had smelled something musky, kind of smokey, even a tad leathery, and definitely a bit masculine, which is why it appealed to me.
I don't smell any of the flowery notes at all.I agree with a few of the below reviews that there is something smokey in the fragrance. I don't smell anything else, and this perfume is definitely not something i would call dark and sexy.
About two months ago my cousin and I were browsing the mall and VS had a bottle for 75% off. I have 3 Love Spell, Sexy Little Things Noir and Love Rocks and all of these were either purchased as part of a "lot" or a bonus item from a seller. There are many pros to this perfume, including the scent, femininity, longevity, and sillage.
This however, makes me feel mature and grown up (which I am, so I should have been feeling this way all along! I'll have to wait until next summer to test the effectiveness as a bug spray, but in the meantime, it's a nice light citrus floral, good for after the gym. The misnaming of this as a bombshell fragrance takes me from thinking it's alright to not buying it on purpose because it's ridiculous.
I bought this because my boyfriend likes it, but am now looking to purchase Incanto Shine by Salvatore Ferragamo for a higher end version of the same smell. On my skin, however, that didn't come through as much, though it was still a nice scent, sweeter and powdery, but not cloyingly so.
Honestly, when I smelled this on my friend, she was in the middle of her shift at a Mexican restaurant.
I had to go somewhere a few days later and sprayed it on expecting the sexy, flirty fragrance I smelled a few years before. I only say that because if you've ever worked in a Mexican restaurant, you know it's extremely difficult to mask the smell of fajitas. I think I'll get the body mist next so I can use it more often and not feel like I'm wasting it.

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