Semi-sebmergible boat: A fast, three-engined boat used for inserting small teams of commandos. The supersonic torpedo was a Russian idea, and it was supposed to have been a nuclear weapon, if the rumor-mill is at all correct. Anyhow, I don't think we've been able to account for all of those old Russkie supersonic nuclear tipped torpedoes. The real threat posed by North Korea simply makes the invasion of Irak a bigger diversion of ressources and a worse precedent than it would have been by itself. Well, The North Korean's do have some Russian weapons, Russia is the fourth largest arms exporter. TOKYO, Japan -- Japanese divers searching a suspected North Korean spy boat that sank in Chinese waters last year have found sophisticated weapons on board, including a Russian-made anti-aircraft missile, reports said Wednesday.
As much good as James Bond might do in a long run, the short run for most North Koreans remains hard. This point is key in The Secret State of North Korea (and Dennis Rodman, unmentioned here, is only one tiny, incoherent piece of it). The footage of everyday life counters the official narrative, that North Korea has recovered from the famine of the 1990s and now prospers.
The effects of these images become acute when considered alongside the work of Jeong and other activists.
Cynthia Fuchs is director of Film & Media Studies and Associate Professor of English, Film & Video Studies, African and African American Studies, Sport & American Culture, and Women and Gender Studies at George Mason University. Seconds chances -- resurrection and return -- abound in the early machinations of the sixth season. If you want to uncover the secretive world of North Korea, our 2017 expedition will take you beyond the propaganda-filled headlines and out into the wilder reaches of this closed, isolated society. The aim of this expedition is to visit the wilder, more remote corners of secretive North Korea. The team will assemble in Beijing and fly together to Pyongyang, the capital of one of the most mysterious countries on Earth.
North Korea is not your standard travel destination, and as such plans can change at short notice, due to factors beyond our control.
Explore the Flights and Insurance tabs in our Info section for useful information about these critical elements of your expedition. As an expedition company whose ethos is to achieve the extraordinary in the world’s wildest places, North Korea is of interest to us and we hope to you for several reasons. Click the FAQ tab above to find out more about a typical day on this expedition, and the sort of person suited to joining this team.
Secret Compass grades each of its expeditions according to the degree of team member effort required. As a team member, you should be willing to be part of a team working together to achieve the goal of the expedition. You should have an adventurous and robust spirit. A comprehensive kit list will be included in the Travel Instructions document you will receive on application to join the team. Good pair of approach shoes (or walking boots if you prefer some extra support for your ankles).
Press release: packraft elephant-rich Gabon In June 2016, a team of amphibious travellers will aim to become the first to packraft across the Equator in Gabon.

Secret CompassSecret Compass redefines what is possible by creating pioneering projects in the world's wildest places. WIth a top speed of around 50 kts, it will race at high speeds towards it's target and then submerge for the final approach. The North Korean navy has built over 140 hovercraft capable of carrying platoon-size units ashore in surprise landing operations. I would even submit that the North Koreans, witnessing the US difficulties in Iraq, and understanding than the US military was already stretched to the max, felt encouraged in pursuing their nuclear ambitions, knowing far well that the US, at this point, did not have enough manpower to stand in their way. Ishimaru’s network here provides shots of homeless adults and young children begging on streets. For as Frontline narrates, it is the movement of information both in and out of North Korea that generates even the idea of possible change.
In yet another gamble to maintain the appearance of its success, North Korea has recently allowed cell phones inside. To explore North Korea's striking National Parks, making a summit attempt on the 'Mysterious Fragrant Mountain' and visiting North Korea's monumental architecture and troubled southern border, apply to join our team today.
You will experience the country from a unique, on-the-ground perspective, staging several day-long treks in two of its most mountainous and rugged trekking regions: Mount Myohyang and Mount Kumgang (both nominated for UNESCO protection). Your first day will take in some key sites, providing an introduction to this secretive state. On the visa front, once team members have applied to join the expedition, Secret Compass will provide a visa assistance document with further information. It is not a destination that many have visited, with four-figures’ worth of international visitors annually.
Former Secret Compass team mate, Alex, said, “The thing that separates Secret Compass from other adventure companies is the variety of adventures and the exclusivity they provide.
Due to the demands of this particular expedition to North Korea it has been awarded a 180° rating. Tents will be provided by Secret Compass for the overnight camping trip with a comprehensive kit list supplied in the Travel Instructions team mates will receive upon application. Lunches and dinners tend to be very large with a range of different dishes to suit all palates, being served. Known as the Eden of Africa, Rough Guides calls Gabon a ‘top 20 place for wildlife encounters’, with Lonely Planet describing tourism in Gabon as extremely DIY with infrequent transport and little infrastructure. Secret Compass is built around a team of trusted experts who combine a passion for exploration with industry-leading professionalism. These landing craft can maneuver not only at sea, but also on tidal and mud flats and are capable of landing alongside the piers in most parts of the eastern and western coasts. Frontline insists that information must move both in and out of North Korea, and so it shows both processes, each weighted with risks. As part of our first expedition to North Korea, your team aim is to reach the highest peaks in both of these ranges. Next come the International Friendship Museum and Pyohon Temple in the Mount Myohyang region, along with a short acclimatisation trek. The visa process has several stage and can take up to four months. The team will arrive into Beijing on the 22rd of May in readiness for the flight to North Korea the following day. The few providers offering itineraries tend to offer short trips with larger group numbers, offering your small team expedition (with 12 people maximum) more scope to interact on a personal level with local folk met en route and employees within North Korea’s tourist industry.

There are a lot of companies that can take you trekking in the Himalayas, but few (if any) that will take you through the Darien jungles or the far northern regions of Arctic Russia.
Call us on 0207 0968428 for a chat, use the form below to ask us a question or fill out our no obligation application form to get the ball rolling. Find out more about our degrees of effort grading system here. Request a call back so we can answer your North Korea expedition questions personally. Due to the nature of travel in North Korea, the Secret Compass team will be accompanied by government guides alongside its experienced Secret Compass expedition professionals.
These ingredients make raw, remote and wild Gabon the perfect place to stage this June’s pioneering expedition to become the first to trek and packraft across the Equator. Secret Compass reignites your primal need for adventure, providing the catalyst for you to come alive and achieve the extraordinary. They would be especially useful in areas where there is a wide difference between high and low tides along the western coast. Making what happens inside is the mission of Jiro Ishimaru, founder and editor of Asiapress. As Kim Jong-un faces the same dilemma that confronted his father, the irrepressible force of popular culture via advancing technologies, it’s more difficult than in decades past to repress that force.
Of course, this is impossible, and the hacking of systems has made access to phones and networks outside North Korea an almost instant reality.
You’ll aim to camp out in Mount Myohyang national park, prior to a long day hike to summit the region’s highest peak. Being able to say I’ve gone somewhere that no one else, or very few people, have gone, is a huge driver for me. Most nights on this expedition are spent in hotels so a typical day involves waking early, eating breakfast together and packing a light rucksack for the day’s activities. These vessels also have a high survivability due to their good speed at 50 nautical miles per hour, and their forward deployment in both the East and Yellow Seas would greatly enhance North Korea's surprise landing capability in the early stages of a war.
Ishimaru provides cameras and means of smuggling for citizen journalists inside North Korea. But even inside, cell phone users can find each other, they can form communities, make plans, and change mindsets. Next you’ll head for the Mount Kumgang region on the east coast, your base for a four-day trekking period.
Team members should have a robust and adventurous spirit in readiness to take challenges like this in their stride. The 2017 expedition may alter slightly following learnings from our inaugural 2016 experience in September but the ethos and outline itinerary of this adventure will remain unchanged. A day might be spent trekking in the UNESCO-nominated mountains or visiting sites of political, natural or architectural interest, with a packed or sit-down lunch as appropriate. The final day includes exploration of Panmunjom and the De-Militarised Zone (DMZ) that marks the North Korea – South Korea border before returning to Pyongyang for a farewell meal.
Team members will not be able to go off exploring on their own throughout this expedition (in the evenings for example) due to the restricted nature of travel for foreigners while in North Korea.

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