The anti-aristocrat novel Les Amours de Charlot et Toinette (1779) was based on the supposed secret life of Marie, depicted as a wanton hussy unsatisfied by her pasionless, impotent husband, King Louis XVI. Though it was during the Revolution itself, and directly preceding it, that the largest effusion of political pornography was released, between the years of 1787 and 1792 there were important precursors that would later shape the direction of revolutionary erotic libel.
Marie Antoinette with the king’s younger brother, the Count d’Artois, as the king looks on.

Above is a cartoon from 1789 showing General Lafayette on bended knee fondling the exposed “res publica” of Marie Antoinette. In the lead up to the French Revolution, Marie Antoinette was the subject of sexual fantasy brought to the masses in ribald pamphlets. Perhaps the most shocking evidence of the libel’s widespread dissemination comes from Boyer de Nimes’s Histoire des caricatures de la revolte des Francais in which Boyer notes that “antiqueen pamphlets were sold at the gate to the Tuileries palace, in its gardens and right under the King’s window.” These rumors of erotic manipulation and debauchery were so vast as to replace the real Marie Antoinette with a ribald fiction where imagined narratives of her private life rode roughshod over any actual movements the Queen might have made.

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