The people part of your culture equation starts with hiring people who either share your core values or possess the willingness and ability to embrace those values. The package: When it comes to keeping staff happy and engaged, the most obvious place to start is by paying competitively. Pay rise – Most small businesses have a very haphazard approach to pay rises and very few seem to review annually.
Bonus – A discretionary cash bonus is a great way to instantly reward a result or behaviour. Awards – This is a great way to publicly acknowledge behaviours that you wish to encourage. Spontaneous awards – Think about a Red Balloon or an iTunes voucher, depending on your employee demographic. Praise or a simple thank you – A smile, praise or a simple thank you costs nothing but it can make an incredible difference. Promotion – Many employees aspire to progress in their career and work their way up the ranks. Company property – Some employees love gadgets and to be in possession of the latest mobile phone technology or iPad can be a thrill. Share plan or profit sharing – These are both great ideas but have significant tax implications, so it’s best to speak to your accountant about this one.
Innovation time – imagine what gifting your employees time to think, create, improve and counter might do for your business.
Our vision is to see a world of entrepreneurs and leaders solving meaningful problems on a global scale. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Having discovered Trichy, Anthony Francis "Tony" Fernandes, the maverick promoter of AirAsia, is not taking life easy.
Stung by the speed of AirAsia, its closest competitor in the region, Tiger Airways (Singapore Airlines has a substantial stake in it), which operates from Singapore, has set in motion plans to improve its presence in India from the current 16 flights a week from two cities.
AirAsia's cost per available seat kilometre is around Rs 1.57 - amongst the lowest in the world. In addition, most of them fear that the AirAsia group will grab all the lucrative airport slots and timings available in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok, which will leave them with a very uneven playing field.
The flights take off at night and reach in the morning; the wait for the connecting flight is never too long.

That’s why the greatest firms in the world also have some of the most stringent recruiting policies. Not all of these programs are costly (believe it or not, compensation typically lands about fourth in the list of reasons for leaving an organisation). Our mission is to help our people become more visible, valuable and connected doing the things they love. Born to a Goan father and Malayalee mother, he studied at the London School of Economics, and then worked with Virgin Records but left when his boss, Richard Branson, decided to set up an airline.
He studied the Indian market for close to two years, during which time he expanded in South-East Asia, China and Australia. Apart from launching new flights from Trichy, where it will take AirAsia head on, it is also going to fly from Trivandrum from November this year.
One, of course, is that it will play the price card, just like what it has done across the Asean (the 10-country Association of South East Asian Nations) region. With the economy improving, the previous minimal rates of resignations are about to change and people with more confidence and more employability will start to look to move. One study found applicants who were a cultural fit would accept a 7% lower salary and departments with cultural alignment had 30% less turnover. Tiruchirappalli or Trichy lies somewhere in the middle of the highway that connects Chennai with Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of the country. Last week, AirAsia launched a daily Airbus A-330 flight from Delhi to Kuala Lumpur at a basic fare of, hold your breadth, just Re 1 for two days. Industry experts say that it also has the rights to fly from Goa, Kolkata and Kozhikode to Singapore. SpiceJet, with Kalanathi Maran now on the driving seat, will launch services to overseas destinations later this year. Its narrow bodied aircraft take only 25 minutes at any airport to fly again, resulting in lower airport charges. Osman-Rani says that its fares are at least 30 to 50 per cent cheaper than full-service carriers. People stick with cultures they like and bringing on the right culture carriers reinforces the culture a business already has.
In just eight months since its first commercial flight landed in India, AirAsia is flying to nine destinations across the country and has over 120 flights a week (to and fro) in operation. The airline, started by a consortium led by the Malaysian government, had commenced operations in 1996 but ran headlong into losses and debt of $100 million.

On all Airbus A-330 flights from Delhi and Mumbai, it offers 12 premium class seats with flat beds, but the fares are 60 to 70 per cent lower than business class of a full-service carrier.
But experts say the challenge will be tough in South-East Asia where price and connectivity are important.
As most Indian low-cost carriers will need another year before they can operate to these destinations, AirAsia will have sewn up the best slots by then," says an executive of another low-cost carrier which is planning to fly abroad. But that's precisely what AirAsia, the largest low-cost carrier in South-East Asia, has done. We've achieved this feat in Singapore; it would be grand to duplicate the feat in India, home to over one billion people," says Fernandes. We don't cater to the top executives but to the small businessman or the leisure traveller who wants to go in style" says Osman-Rani. In the first year after he took over, AirAsia carried 200,000 passengers and had two planes; this year, it will carry 27 million passengers and will have a fleet of 92 aircraft. The Malaysian government has conferred on him the highest civilian honour of Dato' Sri for his services to the country.
All told, the group's target is to raise the number of flights to over 148 a week in a few months. Even full-service carriers need to watch out," says Kapil Kaul who heads the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation in India. Malaysian Airlines, though it has been around in India for many years, runs 31 flights a week from just five locations in the country.
Emirates, the dominant foreign airline in India, operates 184 flights a week (one way) but from only 10 destinations.
It runs its own academy to train pilots, unlike Indian carriers who poach from each other and drive up salaries to exorbitant levels in the bargain.
I think what really matters is the shift that has happened in the way people now perceive air travel," Fernandes had said in an earlier interaction with Business Standard.
With good slots at airports and a large fleet of aircraft, AirAsia offers convenient flight timings.

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