Davis has a meeting with his soccer team and finds out that their next match is against last year’s champions, the team who’s star player is the all-famed, boy genius soccer star Ken Ichijouji.
When the bus with the opposing team arrives to the game, everyone is disappointed to find out Ken is not with them. Ken-the-Rocket-Ichijouji starts the second half and proves to be as good as everyone says, scoring almost immediately.
In the computer lab the following day, Cody spots a new Control Spire on the Digital World map. Veemon: "Deltamon is a dragon-type Digimon with a metal head for one hand and a skull for the other. Veemon: "Despite their obvious dental hygiene problems, Bakemon are able to accurately impersonate any other creature.
Pokemon, come on you have to admit Pokemon is a little more realistic, it looks like they copy each other.
But you do have to know that, technically, the Digimon franchise began before Pokemon, as a hand-held, portable game. Pokemon, becuase you met a new character you would never meat again in each episode, and you got to guess pokemon, so it was educational. The newest generation of Pokemon games, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, have been officially announced!. Though, he'll soon discover that Ken "The Rocket" Ichijouji has an all too familiar alter ego. Davis and his friends look him up online to find out that last season he scored a record setting 45 goals. Though Davis and his team continue to play hard the rest of the game, Ken overpowers them and scores 9 goals.
They act quick and enter the Digital World but almost immediately everyone except Davis sinks into the sand. I watched both shows when I was a kid, and while I did enjoy Pokemon, it was not able to engross me the way that Digimon did.
I know you don't get many comments on this, but rest assured we are reading and enjoying your work. Doing so will allow you to make posts, submit and view fan art and fan fiction, download fan-made games, and much more. Check out our Pokken Tournament forum's feedback and league discussion thread to throw in your suggestions!
Everyone's welcome, and you may come and find a hack that's starting out or make your own hack.

Davis is optimistic about his chances of winning, but the others are astonished by Ken’s talent, and somewhat doubtful. Davis asks about Ken’s whereabouts and finds out that lately he is very busy doing all sorts of ‘fame-related’ things. Right before Ken is about to shoot for another goal, Davis slides in, tripping Ken up and scraping him on the leg. The Digimon Emperor calls to Davis and gestures towards his kidnapped friends hanging from a bridge. I believe that everyone's obsession with Pokemon can be attributed to the series of video games and playable cards that accompanied the release of the show-- let's be honest, the show alone was shit. We’re a group of Pokemon fans dedicated to providing the best place on the Internet for discussing ideas and sharing fan-made content.
Everyone is excited for Davis’ first game ever against Ken’s team so they (and even their Digimon) accompany him to the game. Tai warns Davis that even though Ken is not present, that doesn’t mean that the other team won’t be hard to beat. Davis goes to apologize after the game, doing his best to try to talk himself up, mentioning how he ‘dominated’ before Ken got there. A huge three-headed digimon, Deltamon appears and Davis begs to the Digimon Emperor to free his friends. Pokemon was a poorly translated, poorly dubbed, overly precious, monotonous show that strategically sufficed every kids desire to own a cool fire-breathing, water-spitting, or leaf -throwing (is that what the green one did?) pet.
The hero's father is a talented engineer working for Legendlight, a global organization that is working to stop the capturing of every legendary creature in the world at the hands of Legends of Darkness. Since then, I've developed an affinity for scripting and have acquired skill in all the general areas of pokemon rom hacking. Davis is pumped up and manages to score the only goal in the first half making the score 1-0. They shake hands and part, and Ken calls him a ‘worthy adversary.’ As Davis fantasizes about his future as a soccer star on the walk home, Ken is spying from a distance and claims that no one is his equal. He takes pity on Davis and tells him that because Deltamon has three-heads, only three friends will be devoured.
Due to the hero's father's demonstration of ace engineering, he has been requested to work under Professor Thibault, the leading engineer of the X region. During the half time break Ken shows up and notices the DigiDestined standing on the field. I'm not even going to bother to write about Digimon's strong points because I totally lost my momentum when I realized that I'm in a state of arrested development.

Davis pleads to take the place of his friends instead and when Deltamon approaches him and Veemon, he is tripped by Digmon. So, did Jesse and James finally realize, after their 600th attempt, that they could not capture Pikachu?
The rest of the DigiDestined appear behind Davis and the ones hanging from the bridge are revealed to be Bakemon in disguise. Furious about being fooled, Davis climbs up to the cliff the Digimon Emperor is standing on. No, they're all still fucking 12, striving to do the same things that they were striving to do in 2001. One pokemon is to be placed into the hero's hands for the hero lacks any pokemon of their own.
The remaining pokemon are designated to go to two other recruits, one of them being a future rival of the hero. Although, it will not be so simple as stopping Legends of Darkness immediately in their tracks. Many know that gym badges have a strange sort of power that allow pokemon to exceed their limits and use new abilities. The X league was not originally part of the hero's calling, but they discover that it too is necessary. Feel free to battle the Elite Four and champion if you wish, but the dreams of Ash Ketchum have not diffused into the hero of this story. The adventure will take you across the exotic X region and elsewhere, as you uncover more and more about your surroundings and find the beings beyond the human plane.
Why Kurogane, their mysterious leader, has chosen to capture all of them, rather than one of the most powerful, is a question that has yet to be answered entirely. The best and brightest scientists of Legendlight have speculated that Kurogane does not want the power of legendary creatures, but rather to destroy it.
They suppose that Legends of Darkness is an organization of people seeking to create a dominion over nature that is ruled by mankind. Barian, the leader of Legendlight, and his just operatives and workers are ready for Legends of Darkness' actions in the X region. Will the nature of the world stay in place or will a new era dawn in this tale of good versus evil?

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