Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) brings up Farkle’s (Corey Fogelmanis) spirits in this new still from Girl Meets World. Meanwhile, Farkle, Maya, Lucas (Peyton Meyer) and Riley (Rowan Blanchard) try out their money making ideas with Mark Cuban.
Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) brings Smackle (Cecilia Balagot) to Riley’s (Rowan Blanchard) holiday party in this new still from Girl Meets World. On Wednesday (November 25), Disney Channel confirmed that Girl Meets World would be getting renewed for a third season. Since the GMW crew will be graduating middle school at the end of the current season, this means that Rowan Blanchard, Sabrina Carpenter, Peyton Meyer and Corey Fogelmanis will all be heading off to high school!

Today (November 24) marks the Girl Meets World star’s big day and his co-stars Rowan Blanchard, Sabrina Carpenter, and Corey Fogelmanis all took to social media to send their well wishes.
And in case you missed it, Rowan recently opened up about the show’s big love triangle!
So many things went down (read our recap!) while the gang spent time in Lucas’ (Peyton Meyer) hometown of Austin, Texas. Riley (Rowan Blanchard) basically convinces Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) to go on a date with Lucas even though she clearly still has feelings for him too. Zay (Amir Mitchell-Townes) throws his arms around Maya (Just JaredSabrina Carpenter) and Riley (Rowan Blanchard) in this new still from the second episode from the Girl Meets Texas weekend.

Meanwhile, Lucas’ family takes the gang out to eat where Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) discovers the genius of barbecue and Maddie & Tae perform! Even Lucas (Peyton Meyer) knows this is not the best situation as Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) gets in a relative’s face in this still from Girl Meets World. Luckily, Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) swoops in to help her sort out of her feelings a little bit.

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